The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar Launches to Benefit Arizona Animal Shelters and Rescues

From: MetroShot LLC
Published: Mon Jun 06 2005

According to AZ RESCUE, two-hundred animals are euthanized in Maricopa County, Arizona every day. Even more animals are euthanized in other Arizona counties. This number has doubled in the last ten years with the influx of new residents. The human population in Maricopa County is expected to double by 2025 which will bring more domesticated, and potentially unwanted, pets to the area. A signification number of animals do not make it to a shelter or rescue, they are abandoned then die on the street or in the desert. There is a critical need for more space and funding at Arizona animal shelters and rescues.

The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar’s intention is to attract support and donations for Arizona no-kill animal shelters and rescues. Website visitors are asked to make a donation of any amount directly to an Arizona animal shelter or rescue in exchange for using the computer desktop calendar as their background or wallpaper. A list of shelters and rescues are provided on the calendar’s website,, with web links to the respective organization’s site. Many of the animal shelters and rescues accept donations online. The following shelters and rescues are listed on the calendar’s website: AZ RESCUE, Friends for Life Animal Sanctuary, H.A.L.O. Animal Rescue, Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue, Second Chance Center for Animals, Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation, Paw Placement, Rescue a Golden of Arizona, 3D Rescue of Arizona and AZ C.A.R.E. More are expected to be added.

The calendar runs from June to the end of 2005. Internet users from anywhere in the world can download the desktop backgrounds which offer professional quality swimsuit photographs filmed in Arizona. The pictures feature Arizona’s most recognized models posing with their own pets. A calendar graphic with the respective month is conveniently located in the corner of every background. Three images of the model and pet co-model are available to download for each month.

The 2005 calendar’s goal is to refer 1,000,000 people to Arizona animal shelters and rescues for donations. With an average donation of $10 the calendar intends to raise $10,000,000 to help end homeless animals from being euthanized or withheld services because of insufficient funds.

The 2005 Sterner Swimsuit Calendar Models are Vanessa Sterner, Amparo Elizabeth, Amy Wicker, Daynalyn Wain, Erica Sterner, Kellyn Lindemann and Gina Silvestri. This is an elite group of Arizona models with credits including: two Miss Hawaiian Tropics, a Miss Hispanic Arizona runner up, Maxim Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Sonik Magazine, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Everything But Water, Signature Models and more. Each model is a pet owner and devotee.

Many of the swimsuits worn by The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar Models were created by Arizona fashion designers Susan Di Staulo and Sommer Christine. Both artists are avid animal enthusiasts.

The exclusive photographer for the calendar is Christopher Cashak. Mr. Cashak is a world famous photographer whose work was shown in over thirty countries. His projects include fashion, swimwear/bikini, editorial and advertising photography. Christopher has dedicated his efforts on the calendar to Vanessa Sterner, the calendar model for June.

The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar was started in the name of Erica Sterner, sister of Vanessa Sterner, who throughout her life has devoted her time to the care of animals. Ms. Sterner was a volunteer at Sun City Animal Rescue for two years. As a child Erica was known for adopting injured animals she found on the street and nursing them back to health. For her full-time career, Erica is turning her compassion to people as a paramedic. Erica is featured on the October calendar background.

The models, fashion designers and photographer are all volunteers. No participant received monetary compensation for their time or work on the project.

The official launch party for The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar will be held at Myst Nightclub on July 17th, 2005. This event is intended to increase visibility of the project and attract more donations to the animal shelters and rescues.

The Sterner Swimsuit Calendar is now available online at to support Arizona animal shelters and rescues.
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