At Hand Productions reflects on Prophecies of War

From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Mon Jun 06 2005

Many times when a producer creates a production, it is their hopes that their creation will not flop and will have a successful life expectancy. The production Prophecies of War, produced by Andrew Hanna, is having such an expectancy. Hanna’s Prophecies of War rekindles the music video, but, unlike the televised version. Prophecies of War is set to stage. March 2005 marked the three year anniversary of Prophecies of War debut at the Philadelphia Arts Bank. Since then, it has seen and will be seeing more adventures.

As described by Hanna, producer at At Hand Productions, "Prophecies of War was my first venture into creating a production that brings the music video to stage. I’ve always had an interest since high school in mixing media into a live production. Much of performance art that is out there, I believe, is blasé and boring. I’ve not seen too much in the way of artists creating new productions that push the envelope. Furthermore, many of the plots and themes that one sees are in some respects a regurgitation of old themes and plots." Hanna went on to say that, "Due to current times, Prophecies of War reflects the thinking, the feeling that is present in America society.."

Prophecies of War is a production that is a cross between theater and a concert. Because of its niche, Prophecies of War attracts more people than a production that is strictly theater or a concert. Furthermore, due to its innovative design, one can see artists, rockers, young professionals, and college students in attendance. When asked about this Hanna said "I’m grateful that people of different backgrounds attend this production. Many times when a certain kind of play or concert comes to town, I usually see a particular demographic. At some venues in Philadelphia, it is common to see one common group of people. One in particular that I know of, primarily attracts gray haired people. I like that Prophecies of War has been attracting people from different groups and I hope it will continue to do so."

Prophecies of War is on At Hand Productions’ 2006 performance agenda. Recently, Prophecies of War was recorded for Comcast’s Highwired and has received press in America, Europe, and the land down under. Along with the 2006 performance of Prophecies of War, At Hand Productions is developing a televised performance of its productions, which will air on various televised formats.

Hanna went on to describe his thoughts on the use of television, "I look at television as another tool for producers to present their works towards audiences. The television in some respects is becoming the 21st century’s theater. But unfortunately, the television lacks that personal connection that one can get from attending a concert hall or an opera house. The use of televised media, I think, is a means for people whom do not have the opportunity to see a live production, but art interested in seeing some new and exciting."

Looking forward, At Hand Productions is ready for 2006 and is looking to accomplish its goals. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Prophecies of War, in the end it will grab’s one attention. And as one can see from the list of credentials, it has been doing just that.
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