Barclaycard brings freedom to over 30,000 retail outlets across the UK

From: Barclaycard
Published: Tue Jan 26 2010

Barclaycard has announced that it will be launching Barclaycard Freedom in March - the broadest retail rewards scheme the UK has ever known. The groundbreaking new loyalty scheme will be available to over eight million cardholders who will be able to earn rewards in an unprecedented number of shops, restaurants and online outlets across the UK, without having to do or pay anything to join.

The scheme allows cardholders to interact at the point of sale, bringing a new level of simplicity to the concept of customer rewards. There is no need to collect and save vouchers and coupons, no need to replace their card or carry an additional one, and with no points to calculate – the rewards will be recorded in pounds and pence. It will utilise a state of the art technology system and the chip within the credit cards will be totally electronic, instant and intuitive to cardholders. Retailers who participate in Barclaycard Freedom will be able to offer rewards and relevant offers at their point of sale to over eight million cardholders.

Barclaycard cardholders will automatically earn rewards, called 'Reward Money', when they use their Barclaycard at a participating retailer - 1 per cent on most transactions alongside regular special promotions and giveaways. When cardholders use their card in a participating retailer they will see the value of their Reward Money balance appear on the card machine before they enter their PIN to pay. They can then choose to redeem some or all of their Reward Money rewards towards that transaction or to continue to save up for a future purchase at another retailer within the scheme.

Barclaycard has invited more than 30,000 retailers of all sizes to be partners in the scheme, meaning that when it launches in March it will be a rewards coalition of unprecedented size and scope. On average, there will be 200 retailers within five miles of where a cardholder lives. Barclaycard Freedom will be supported by a significant marketing campaign with TV, online and print advertising driving awareness about the programme for customers.

Participating retailers will benefit from a loyalty scheme that includes over eight million cardholders at launch meaning there will be on average 75,000 Barclaycard cardholders within five miles of a retailer's store.

Sarah Newman, Managing Director of Barclaycard Freedom, said: "The breadth of Barclaycard Freedom offers customers the chance to earn Reward Money when they do their weekly shop, go out for a meal or shop online. Barclaycard Freedom offers our cardholders something for nothing on top of the benefits they already receive. It incorporates all of the best elements of other reward schemes and with no need to collect and save vouchers - the rewards will be in pounds and pence. Offering special offers and additional giveaways, on top of the steady rate on all purchases, is a novel way of rewarding the loyalty of customers using the scheme."

Sarah Newman continued: "By offering the chance for small and medium retailers to join a scheme with major UK brands, Barclaycard Freedom is supporting the high street at a time of very difficult trading conditions."


About Barclaycard
Barclaycard, part of Barclays Global Retail Banking division, is a leading global payment business which helps consumers, retailers and businesses to make and accept payments flexibly, and to access short-term credit when needed.

The company is one of the pioneers of new forms of payments and is at the forefront of developing viable contactless and mobile payment schemes for today and cutting edge forms of payment for the future. It also issues credit and charge cards to corporate customers and the UK Government. Barclaycard partners with a wide range of organisations across the globe to offer their customers or members payment options and credit.

In addition to the UK, Barclaycard operates in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East.

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