One-of-a-kind brush painting art comes to Holiday Centre

From: Promax Middle East
Published: Tue Jun 07 2005

June 11, Dubai-The Holiday Centre is hosting the first-ever traditional Japanese and Chinese paintings on porcelain and rice paper in an art exhibit entitled "Sumi-e Exhibition" of artists Violette Cheng Posth and Yumi Majima Barker together with their students on June 11 at the main lobby of the mall. Exhibit opens at 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Ms. Violette Cheng Posth has mastered the ancient art of Chinese and Japanese brush painting called Sumi-e or "ink picture". Sumi-e came to Japan in 70 A.D. from China (hence, similarity of style) and is usually completed immediately with beautiful strokes. The subject can be realistic or abstract but is most always impressionistic.

Ms. Barker’s artwork is a blend of Asian, European and experimental Arabic styles. The exhibit will showcase her hand made paintings on porcelain.

Both artists have a multi-national group of ladies who have mastered Chinese Brush painting. Ms. Posth's students joined Ms. Barker's classes and produced exquisite works of delicate art. For the exhibit, both groups of students will showcase their works providing rare and treasured pieces employing the art forms.

"More and more people are getting interested with the Far East especially when it comes to Zen inspired art forms. This is one of the reasons we brought this exhibit and this is the first time Dubai will witness the fusion of two art forms in exquisite works of art," said Ms. Banu Tas, Operations Manager of Holiday Centre.

For the exhibit, hand-painted porcelain plates, vases, trinket boxes, among others will be showcased bearing Japanese, traditional European, naturalistic and modern designs using the Chinese and Japanese brush painting techniques. These pieces have been painted with special porcelain paint made from minerals and precious metals fired in a kiln at 750º C to 850º C for two to three hours and slowly cooled for another eight to 10 hours. After the tedious process of pasting relief and firing, the items are each gilded with 22k liquid gold or platinum and fired at 750º C for the last time.

"We are very pleased to hold this one-of-a-kind exhibit not only because we want the public to know about our work but more importantly, we want to show to Dubai that these art forms are not limited to Asian people. Our students' works bear witness that art knows no barrier and that only a limited mind can stop a person from producing beautiful pieces," said Ms. Yumi Majima Barker, artist and teacher of porcelain painting.

"Having this exhibit gives opportunity to serious artists to display their masterpieces and bring art closer to the public. As Dubai grows, it continuously attracts diverse group of people who are interested in furthering their knowledge in the arts," said Ms. Posth.

Holiday Centre is located at the Crowne Plaza Dubai complex along Shaikh Zayed road.
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