iZ3D Monitor Hosts Mini Gaming Tournament at the Digital Life Tradeshow

From: Antarra Communications
Published: Tue Oct 03 2006

Neurok Optics, LLC, manufacturer of the revolutionary iZ3Dª monitor for gamers will be hosting a mini-tournament at its Booth #1343 during the Digital Life Tradeshow Held at the Javitz Center on October 12 Ð 15, 2006.

Attendees can also drop by Booth #1343 to take advantage of an incredible Show Only Special of $400.USD off the iZ3D 17Ó 3D monitors. Now play in 3D and work in 2D on the same monitor. Featuring a 8ms response time, the monitor also has a wide viewing angle so friends can watch too.

ÒTo best understand the difference that playing in 3D brings to your gaming experience is to play a game on our monitors. We will be hosting a mini-tournament on our 17Ó iZ3D monitors supported by Shuttle Computers during the show. We will also be giving away a 3D Monitor as the Grand Prize and t-shirts and other prizes for tournament winners! Our friends from web2zone¨ will be administering the tournaments,Ò stated David Chechelashvili, Vice President of Marketing for Neurok Optics LLC.

Due to improvements in video technology, the 17Ó 3D monitor is ideal for casual to professional gamers. The advanced technology is compatible with almost all current gaming or word processing applications and allows users to adjust the intensity of the 3D environment.

ÒiZ3D provides an added layer of excitement to every-day game play. iZ3DÕs amazing 3D monitor delivers the game immersion that two dimensional game play cannot, and is one product serious gaming enthusiasts must have,Ó says Edward Tomasi, director of marketing for web2zone in New York City.

The iZ3D monitor offers great image quality, a wide viewing angle, accommodates multiple users and is compatible with most current games. It does not give playerÕs headaches, motion sickness or disorientation as earlier 3D versions did, and this allows for extended periods of game play.

The bright 17Ó TFT 3D LCD Technology makes it possible to easily view realistic 3D images with the provided polarized glasses. The touch of a button switches the display back to 2D viewing for applications such as word processing, spreadsheets or e-mail, with the same clarity expected from a normal LCD monitor.

iZ3D is an advanced video monitor capable of displaying impressive into-screen and out-of-screen 3D images with passive polarized glasses. Priced at $1,299.00 the new monitor offers a resolution of 1280x1024; a 500:1 contrast ratio; 8ms response time and requires a video card with two connectors. Visit http://www.iz3d.com for information about this groundbreaking technology.

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