Contract Research Organisation, Onyx Scientific, predicts pharmaceutical companies will strategicall

From: Onyx Scientific Ltd
Published: Tue Feb 02 2010

Squeezed by escalating R&D costs, Onyx Scientific (CRO), predicts the pharmaceutical industry will accelerate their strategy to outsource non-core chemistry services to trusted contract laboratories and will no longer use contract services simply as a tactic to overcome near-term capacity shortage.

Onyx Scientific, the highly qualified chemical services company is witnessing, first-hand, the accelerated trend within large pharma and biotechs to form sustainable outsourcing partnerships for chemistry services, such as: custom synthesis, process development, lead optimization, GMP synthesis and scale up, automated salt selection, crystallization studies, polymorphism screening and solid state analysis.

Characterized by high risk – just 1 in 20,000 compounds become a pharmaceutical; at a commercial cost of $1 billion; with less than a 50% chance to return investment costs post launch – the industry will increasingly seek to align itself with risk-sharing partners and these relationships will transform the pace and extent to which pharma companies will outsource their R&D and the rigour used to protect IP rights and ownership. Increased productivity, quality results and optimum cost savings will be the collective aim, in order to reap ever greater returns, better use of in-house laboratory space and the removal of capital outlay for hi-tech analytical equipment.

Onyx Scientific has structured its expertise-rich organisation to be creatively involved in the drug development process. Without this approach their services would lead to a commodity offering, rather than the opportunity to generate intellectual property. Green chemistry processes also serve to differentiate Onyx in their shared goal to reduce the environmental footprint of the industry.

Of equal significance is Onyx Scientifics’ hard earned reputation for multi-step, difficult to produce chemistry. Problems solving is conducted with unparalleled expertise and curiosity. The Onyx service model provides both dedicated FTE and fee-for-service resource, with full lab-to-client transparency and flexibility to switch resource on and off as needed and at short notice.

Recognised as transformational, pharmaceutical outsourcing has taken the industry from its stand-alone company model to a fully integrated pharmaceutical network. Within this model, Onyx Scientific is well placed to provide unmatched chemical services to both the late discovery and early phases of new drug development. Uniquely, Onyx successfully combines integrated manufacturing and development services with solid-state analysis services. This winning combination assures optimal development of new pharmaceutical ingredients and maximum intellectual property return.

Routinely inspected by the MHRA, Onyx Scientifics’ state-of-the-art facility delivers peace-of-mind that all outsourced research activity complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice for the development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's).
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