Tesco introduces Tefals WiKook

From: Tesco
Published: Thu Feb 04 2010

Tesco has announced it is to introduce the WiKook cooking pot from Tefal to its shelves this spring.

The scientists at Tefal are set to revolutionise the way people cook as they launch the innovative WiKook, the first ever fast cooker that cooks food up to 25% faster than any other traditional cooking pot.

When closed, the patented Tefal Power Lid locks in heat to accelerate cooking, almost working as a pressure cooker. All customers need to do is simply add the necessary ingredients to the pot, lock in the Tefal Power Lid, turn on the heat and when the time is done have a perfectly cooked meal for up to four people.

The Tefal WiKook fast cooker prepares food at such speed that it retains more vitamins and nutrients for healthier meals. Those who use the new pot can make varied recipes using fish, pasta, meat, rice, soups and even desserts. It also uses 25% less energy than a traditional pot, therefore helping customers to save money on annual gas bills.

Tefal's WiKook fast cooker is expected to appeal to busy mums and professionals who don't want to compromise on taste, and want a healthy meal in a short space of time. The Tefal WiKook fast cooker fuses speed and ease in all aspects of cooking so it is a fast cooker by name and by nature.

With its thick aluminium base, the Tefal Wikook fast cooker guarantees even heat distribution and evenly cooked ingredients. It is suitable for all types of hobs, including induction. The Tefal inner and outer non-stick coating also ensures easy cleaning.

The Tefal WiKook fast cooker will be available from Tesco in early Spring and comes with a recipe book.

Customers can visit the Tesco website for more details.


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