“The Ultimate Cosmic Ordering Meditation Method By Stephen Richards”

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Published: Fri Feb 05 2010

Meditation techniques for use in law of attraction differ to those used in the traditional ways, and are solely for Cosmic Ordering use. Now there really is a way you can enjoy the benefits throughout the day, not just while seated in hours of painful meditation.

Fine, if you desire inner peace and a spiritual connection then go for the traditional route, but if you want to increase your powers of manifesting then something totally different is required. After researching this for a number of years I, Stephen Richards, have designed the ultimate Cosmic Ordering meditation technique.

Breathing methods are similar throughout the many meditation disciplines on offer, but where this method differs to those is that the expenditure of time is cut down massively. This makes such a method more attractive to those with a busy schedule.

Here is a free lesson to show you how easy it is to meditate if you have a busy schedule. This is just one of the methods I have developed. In no time at all you will be able to perfect these methods and use them wherever you are. These meditations are easy to follow, and are all available on the specially created “The Ultimate Cosmic Ordering Meditation CD” that goes into more techniques that work in rapid time.

You can meditate sitting up straight in a chair (while on a plane or train, etc) or lying flat on your back, the traditional postures of meditation sitting cross legged is not necessary. If in the sitting position, pull your chin back slightly, like a soldier at attention, to align the back of the neck with the spine.

There are, however, certain mudras (hand positions) in Cosmic Ordering meditation. The hand position for Cosmic Ordering meditation is called the Cosmic Mudra and does not look out of place if you practice it in a public place: place your right hand on your lap, palm facing up and parallel with the floor, and then gently place the knuckles of the left hand in the palm of the right hand and have the thumb tips gently touching. The palm of the right hand gently cups the back of the left hand. This is an excellent mudra for inducing a meditative state of mind.

During meditation, some people inhale and exhale through their nose, some inhale through their nose and use their mouth to exhale and some both inhale and exhale through the mouth. Choose whichever you prefer, but stick to it with every breath you take during the meditation. Your next breath will come on its own without effort from you. Your belly will naturally move outward on the next inhale and inward on the exhale.

If you lose focus or your breathing reverts to your chest, just start again. Take a slow, deep breath in and gently blow it out. Do this as often as needed. It will only make it easier for you to maintain this type of breathing in your every day life.

Now stay where you are, you are going to do a breath meditation practice. Sitting up so that your back is straight, inhale and hold the breath as long as
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