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Published: Fri Feb 05 2010

Hair extensions was a difficult product to obtain in the eighties, and Rodolfo Valentin decided to make hair extensions with his own hands to use them with his clientele . He has gone around the globe several times a year, exploring and providing with his ideas to manufacturers that back then were only limited to Asia, with a single itinerary that was obtain the hair in India or Europe and its final destination was mainly Korea. Back then it was very difficult to design and create new hair extensions systems due to limited workforce in this specialty. Soon after, new makers, particularly from Italy commenced to emerge in the industry of hair additions.

Rodolfo Valentin, ultimate response to hair extensions is his trademarked Hair Infusion Extensions, these are the one and only hair extension technique that conserves the healthiness of the receiver own hair. It is added in only forty five minutes using a protein rich compound that as a add-on benefit it protects the natural hair.

Rodolfo Valentin initially started with hair extensions at his Long island hair extensions salon in the middle 80's, shortly stretched out to his NYC hair salon with a fresh adaptation of hair extensions that was labeled Fusion Hair extensions. Rodolfo have been integrating and working with diverse variety of human hair extensions since 1984. He was the original in the New York City, New York and Long Island with knowledge in all the hair extensions accessible in the marketplace.

Hair infusion extension, proposes the viability of give women a further trendy look. With hair infusion extensions, women are able to see an increase in their hair pleasing to the eye and their appearance with a fuller and natural look. The Hair Infusion Extension has been established to be the mainly safest and expected way to insert more hair.

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