Academy for Coaching Parents Lowers Tuition Fees and Shortens Training Time

From: Academy for Coaching Parents International
Published: Sat Feb 06 2010

Counselors, nannies, mediators, teachers, parents, ministers or educators are invited to attend the seminar and telelasses or take independent study to become an ACPI Certified Coach for Parents and Families in six months instead of twelve months. .Program graduates learn how to help families manage stressors, behavioral problems and communication issues as they escalate in times of economic downturn.

A parent coach is a certified professional who helps resolve family conflicts and issues. The main focus is on the parent Ð child relationship. A parent coach understands that each family is different and teaches how to produce stronger family bonds. In addition to tele-classes, seminars and distance learning methods, The Academy for Coaching Parents offers weekend seminars for immersion in the coaching mindset, practicing coaching skills, and developing a successful home-based coaching business.

When economic times are tough, self-employment rates rise. ACPIÕs program offers one the freedom of working from home with flexible work hours without giving up current employment. Parent coaching is a home-based business opportunity worth the investigation due to recent employment trends:
¥ As the 17% to 25% unemployment rates continue to rise, savvy people look for new ideas for self-employment, which increases steadily.
¥ The most rapidly growing businesses are consulting, services to individuals and families and home health care services are coaching opportunities.
¥ Coaching is still a fast growing industry. There is a growing market too as long as there are people who have issues and need support as do parents and families.
¥ It takes the same amount of energy and effort to find a new job as it does to create a home-based business.

The personal freedom of owning and operating a parent coaching service business awaits those who choose to become Parent Coaches. The best candidates are those who are committed to making a difference in the world and the lives of others. With tuition lowered by 20% and the ability to become an ACPI Certified Parent Coach in six months, now is the perfect time to find out if this rewarding profession is for you.
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