Cat Galaxy Begins Airing Spay/Neuter & TNR Campaign

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Thu Oct 05 2006

Cat Galaxy, the radio station for cats has begun airing its new audio campaign which it believes is the purrfect way to promote feline spay/neuter and the Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR) option for feral (or wild) cats. The audio campaign which is sponsored by Cat Galaxy & Panther TEK presents TNR and Spay/Neuter programs as the "cool thing to do" in an effort to get more humans to answer the call to help end feline overpopulation.

"We are excited about this new campaign because it presents the message of spaying and neutering, and TNR as being the cool but responsible thing to do. The PSA's are much edgier than the ones we have previously produced and hopefully will encourage the humans out there to start TNR programs in their neighborhood and have their own cats spayed and neutered," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

Cat Galaxy started airing the campaign ahead of its October 16th deadline in order to take part in National Feral Cat Day which happens on that date. The station will also be dedicating its Meow Mixing Monday show that night to honor all of those rescue groups who work tirelessly every day to save feral cats.

"Cat Galaxy is happy to take part in National Feral Cat Day because TNR programs are really important. Some people see feral cats as a nuisance and fail to realize that we humans caused the problem in the first place. As a result, many of these cats are euthanized, poisoned or shot in order to control their numbers which is cruel and inhumane. TNR is the best and only way to deal with the situation," Rosen said.

In a TNR program, cats are humanely trapped and then taken to a veterinarian where they are given a health check, then are spayed and neutered. The cats will have part of their ear cropped in a procedure called ear-tipping so animal rescue groups who accidentally trap these cats will know the cat has been sterilized. The cats are then released back into their environment and a human caretaker will care for them by providing food, water and shelter. Some people think that by being outside these cats will have a tough life while others believe they are perfectly fine.

"It is not as rough of a life for them unless humans make it that way. We can peacefully co-exist with feral cats and it is a shame some people want to have them killed. This audio campaign we developed will hopefully encourage city and state governments to endorse TNR programs in their area as opposed to having the cats trapped and euthanized, which is more expensive, not to mention an impractical method in dealing with the situation. Perhaps these PSA's we are airing will change a few minds and encourage entire communities to get TNR programs started. That would be a great result and a much better option for the cats," Rosen added.

For more information about Cat Galaxy visit their web site at or call 480-980-8541. The station is based in Scottsdale, AZ and broadcasts to cats worldwide.
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