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From: Exhibit-one
Published: Tue Feb 09 2010

In today’s modern world you cannot be complacent, with a competitive economy, and with businesses working hard to bring acceptable, cheap prices to the market, advertising is the order of the day.

Exhibitions and trade fairs are becoming common place, and are being organized all over the world, thus enabling companies to showcase their products and service, and these events cover every type of business and product you can think of.

Exhibition stands is a method of showcasing any product, service, as well as any individual, and is the perfect way to raise the profile of your company. Exhibition stands are used along side banner stands, and pop up displays and if designed with long terms goals in mind can raise a companies profile and be the key to success.

With growing competition in the marketplace it is forcing companies to display their products in an innovative and attractive manner to help make an impact and stand apart from their competitors. And what better way to achieve a bold visual impact about your company its products or services you offer, than exhibitions stands.

There are many exhibition stands to choose from, and a brief overview of just one or two of the more popular ones will set the old ‘brain box’ thinking about what is best for your company’s advertising and marketing strategy, and of course any display stand must be ‘fit for purpose’.

Banner stands are excellent for making the most out of a limited space, they are lightweight and highly portable units. A telescopic banner which extends out of a roller unit and is ideal for an exhibition, conference, in-store, or showroom floor without doubt is both stylish and versatile and is the perfect promotional tool.

Pop up displays are easy to assemble, and also highly portable, these stands offer a larger display area than banner stands, with straight or curved configurations available, also the ‘midi’ range for height limitations, and with magnetic frames and fixing bars, are quick and easy to construct.

Established in the 1980s is a company highly qualified in providing all types of exhibition stands. Exhibit One is in its 20th year of business and aim to supply good quality, high standard products and design at affordable prices for everyone.

A company that is at the top of their game and can give the right impression for you every time also help make your business successful, make it your first and last stop in your search for the best advertising and marketing tool, and trust Exhibit One.

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