A Tale of Two Tequilas--Herencia de Plata, Fina Estampa! Average Joes Dominate Corporate-Run Indust

From: White Moccasins News Service
Published: Tue Jun 07 2005

Salem/Astoria, OR June 7, 2005: Breakthrough tequilas Herencia de Plata and Fina Estampa--imported separately by friends Clark Munkel and Todd Bowen in Oregon--have joined forces and are now a powerful one-two punch in an industry mostly run by big corporations.

Clark Munkel and Todd Bowen found themselves competing against big name tequila producers with deep pockets at the same tasting shows and contests throughout the US. Joining forces was the next logical step, and the results have been a runaway success.

In the past five years, Clark Munkel, the hands-on president of importer Sailing Star, Inc., in Astoria, has worked to make Herencia de Plata one of the most sought after tequilas.

In 2002, the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago voted it a Gold Medal Winner. The Mexican Tequila Academy, which grades all tequilas, rated Herencia de Plata in the top three tequilas of 2003. It has been served at the court of the Queen of England, and counts spy novelist Clive Cussler as one of its biggest fans.

"Herencia de Plata is the fastest growing premium tequila in the US," says Clark. "We're currently available in 22 states and planning to blitz six more by the middle of this year!"

"Herencia de Plata is produced by Tequilas del SeƱor, one of the oldest families in the tequila industry," explains Munkel. "To share it with aficionados who haven't tasted it yet, and then to see the look upon them is great!"

"Fina Estampa has gotten rave reviews," beams importer Todd Bowen, owner of a Salem truck parts firm. "Being awarded the Silver Medal at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition is a big feather in our cap!"

Importing Fina Estampa has been the business adventure of a lifetime for Todd. What started during a hunting trip with friends from Mexico in 2002 has now become a full-fledged passion.

His crash course education into the alcohol and beverage industry has earned Fina Estampa the reputation of "very refined" by the Beverage Tasting Institute, and "Superb, highly recommended; a terrific new reposado" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Wine Enthusiast even voted Herencia de Plata and Fina Estampa--two of only six tequilas overall--among the top 50 must-have spirits of 2004.

In an era where spirits--especially tequilas--are mass-produced, Fina Estampa is a throw back to the old days. Selective agave harvesting and its own dedicated distillery give it the edge to dominate more established corporate-run producers.

"Fina Estampa is an artisan tequila made the old fashioned way," explains Bowen. "From the hand blown bottles to the wood cork tops, everything is done by hand."

The bottom line for Todd and Clark when selling in a market full of large corporations?

"Dealing with some of these company guys has been a learning experience," says Munkel. "So working with friends makes this much more enjoyable."

"We're your average Joes with great products that feel lucky to know the right people and to have the opportunity to be successful with products that we believe in," declares Bowen.

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