Francecasse reveals a 10.5% rise in the buying of used car parts in Europe.

From: France Casse
Published: Wed Feb 10 2010

This rise of the requests for used car parts was mainly driven by the implementation of the Scrapping premium in most of the European Countries, a bonus given to the people when they scrap their cars, if they promise to buy an environmental friendly one.

The results show a positive evolution of the car parts requests, especially for some spares that seem to be more and more needed by the customers.

The rear silencers for example, experienced one of the greatest grows in terms of requests, which amount increased by 41% from 2009 to 2010.
Nevertheless, for a lot of parts there has been a significant slump in the amount of requests.

As an example, despite of the holding of its second position in terms of demands, the front bumpers experienced one of the biggest falls in requests with a 24% drop in one year.

The statistics also show that in France, the used engine parts are still the most demanded ones, representing 20% of the total amount of car parts requests made by the Internet Users. The Front panel parts almost tied with the number one category with approximately 19% of the requests. As for the interior parts category, it takes the third place with 17% of the demands.

However, on the other networks the tendency is slightly different. The Front panel stands as the most requested parts: 30% in the UK and 41% in Spain followed by the Interior, Engine, and Back panel parts.

Finally, the parts finder also revealed that the dominating makes in terms of requests were Renault, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Citroen and Ford car parts.

About Francecasse.

Francecasse is an online parts finder based in France. Founded in 2006, this concept is the result of the collaboration between Internet development specialists and car experts.

The company has simplified the buying and selling of car spares by setting up a website where the supply meets the demand. The British website provides a wide range of car spares and lets any visitor make a car part request for free.

The database also contains about 600 parts classified in 11 categories, making it easier for the web users to find their car spares.

In order to reply to these requests, Francecasse collaborates with many car breakers that will reply to the customers within 24 hours. The latter will then receive an e-mail with many offers from the salvage yards, and will have the possibility to choose the most interesting one.

Everyday, the company helps hundreds of people find their used car spares, putting them in contact with a large network of scrap yards in the U.K.
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