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From: CoverGirl Car Insurance
Published: Wed Jun 08 2005

So, the big night has arrived! The first date with that gorgeous guy from marketing. You’ve been getting ready for hours, tried on everything in your wardrobe and now with your hair perfect and wearing your favourite perfume, you’re ready to impress. Whilst you’ve done everything you can to make a great first impression, across town how is your hot date going to fair?

Well, according to results of a survey by, the type of car a man drives does count a lot on a first date. Women are more impressed by a guy who drives a professional and stylish car – such as an Audi TT, VW Golf or TVR. 32% of the girls surveyed also like being picked up by a guy playing music that is tasteful and chilled-out. Most girls also like to have the door opened for them but hate it when guys love their car too much!

Cars guaranteed to get your date calling a cab home include Rover Metro, Nissan Almera and Renault Espace. The sales rep’s favourite the Ford Mondeo doesn’t score many points, and ‘White Van Man’ was definitely unlucky in love. Other findings:

•Private plates are also a no-no, after all who wants to be seen out with ‘B19 G0B’ or ‘F4T B0Y’?
•Whilst white is the new black in the fashion stakes, it’s a definite no-no when it comes to car colour, as is red, brown and yellow

Interestingly, 39% of the ladies surveyed were unimpressed by guys in sports cars, and thought Lamborghinis and Ferraris were too pretentious and flashy – bad news for footballers and A-list celebrities! Other turn-offs for women:

•Dirty interior (those fish & chip wrappers and smelly trainers don’t appeal!)
•Bad music (Heavy Metal, Elton John and Crazy Frog topped the list)
•Strange smells (invest in an air-freshener – but one that’s not Old Spice!)

A final thought
When asked what their ideal ‘fantasy date’ was; with whom? where? and in what car? Surprise, surprise Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt come out top, in a Mercedes SL500 or an Aston Martin, for a romantic meal, then back to theirs for a night cap…

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