How Things Have Changed

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Published: Fri Feb 12 2010

The first artificial ice rink (mechanically refrigerated) was built in 1876 at Chelsea, London and was named the Glaciarium, with none of the modern techniques of today however things have changed and the modern ice rinks are kept clean and smooth by the use of a machine called the ‘Zamboni’

The first game of ice hockey was played in Montreal, Canada with Canadian J.G.A. Creighton’s rules devised in 1875, and today ice hockey is the most popular team sport played on ice.

Equipment has evolved from years ago to make it much safer and ‘fit for purpose’ for example the first goalie’s leg pads were made from cricket pads, and the early mask designed in 1929 was made of leather, and did not have much protection. Sticks were made of wood only, and ice hockey skates did not have the stiff heel for support thus making skating a lot more difficult than it is today.

Today hockey equipment has changed and is much stronger, and safer for the player, the helmets of today have to meet certain standards, some players also wear visors on the helmets, and sticks are made of aluminum and plastic moving away from early models, and lastly the modern skates have steel blades, and are concave and not flat, this gives the skate two sharp edges, thus giving the player all the moves that is imperative in a fast game like hockey.

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