It’s Time to Get Serious about Selling Services How to Build a Profitable Services Business in Any I

From: Celestia, Inc
Published: Mon Feb 15 2010

Finding new, profitable streams of revenue is one of the prime objectives of almost every business executive on the planet. But the choices are few, the challenges big, and the results often mixed. Savvy business leaders in all kinds of industries are discovering that selling services cannot only deliver new, profitable growth, but can simultaneously sell more products.

Dr. Alexander reveals that companies that are successful at selling services receive 25% to 55% of their total revenue from services at profit margins the same or better than product profit margins. Furthermore, these organizations are able to grow their services revenue 25% faster, at margins twice as high, as their competitors.

Liz Murphy, Chief Client Officer at Datatel, Inc. states, "Alexander’s suggested approaches and practices really work. We’ve developed a services-led approach to driving software sales and seen a double-digit increase in margins by implementing the recommendations outlined in his book."

Seriously Selling Services offers research-based, field-proven core and best practices, lessons learned, and benchmarks for successfully selling services. This essential sales tool reveals:
Why selling services helps sell more products.
Why everyone needs to sell services.
How to tap the power of your hidden sales force within.
How to determine if selling services is appropriate for your organization.
Which of the three selling services strategies is right for you.
The common barriers to seriously selling services and the common steps taken to address these barriers that never work.
Five mandatory, "got to do it" actions required to turn box-pushers into sellers of the invisible.
Four free-to-fee strategies that never work.
How to transition from free to fee and not irritate customers or drive the sales force crazy.
What executives must say and do, and do again, to make the transition to selling services.
How to grasp the challenge of the channel to implement proven strategies.
Ten steps to building a portfolio of services that customers want and will pay for.
Five stages of leading services in a product company required both for organizational effectiveness and personal sanity.
The misconception that selling services lowers overall profit margins.
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