The Lone Star State takes on Hollywood and wins!

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Published: Wed Jun 08 2005

A Hollywood Movie Broker challenged a Texas start-up production team, ReQuest Entertainment, to write, direct and produce a full length horror film in 6 months or less. The film is proving to be success and is currently being reviewed for international and domestic distribution.

"We were not going to shy away from a challenge", the founder and CEO, Cory Turner, is quoted as saying, "To make a dream a reality, you have to be willing to break a sweat." Cory is the driving force behind the team and he was determined they would succeed. The project started November 1st 2004 and was completed May 20th 2005.

The completed film premieres Thursday, June 09, 2005 at the Angelika Film Center in Plano, TX. The entire production team consisted of a core group of six individuals. Many talented actors auditioned from the DFW area for the film.

Once the selections were finalized, the cast held a couple of practice sessions; then filming began. The actual shooting for the film was completed in 15 days. The budget for "They Feed" was $16,000. A good portion of the budget went to obtain a Cannon XL2 camera and sound equipment.

Responses from test audiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Many can’t believe it is a first time production for such a small, untried team. They have also received excellent reviews on the actors and several of them are currently being considered for major Hollywood roles. And they thought the actors and script was incredible.

Numerous investors are showing interest in contributing funds for upcoming projects to provide a larger crew and more technical assistance. "Hollywood may have the big budgets but they don’t have a monopoly on creativity!" Cory says as he takes another call from a potential investor. For more information visit
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