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Published: Thu Jun 09 2005

Sydney, Australia -- When Bartercard International (London Stock Exchange:BCI) decided it was time for a new website in 15 countries and 12 languages (including Arabic), the challenge was met by Gravitymax, a Sydney based web development company with an interesting approach to building online businesses.

Working through strategy and design meetings with Managing Director, Andy Farrell, you could be forgiven for thinking you were planning a brick and mortar construction rather than an online business presence, with talk of architecture and building phases.

Gravitymax preaches a strong commitment to understanding how real people will interact with a business online. This approach, known as User Centered Design, ensures usability barriers are identified and eliminated. Which means more customers, making more orders, or placing more enquiries.

Bartercard has enjoyed a 10-fold increase in enquiries from its websites since the Gravitymax team reworked their structure and design.

As Andy Farrell explains, "Think of a website like a showroom, or your office boardroom. It’s not about getting people’s attention. They’ve already arrived at your business, and they’re on a mission. Discovering what that mission is – the questions people are asking about your company, its products and services - is critical to understanding their perspective."

"We then build an interface that reflects the different perspectives of your most important customer groups. It’s a very pragmatic approach initially. The creative juices follow this lead, creating the credibility factor of a professionally designed, great looking website, that encourages people to trust your message."

However, there’s more to Gravitymax than their compelling methodology. Since 2000, the company has invested an estimated $1.5 million dollars developing a platform for providing businesses with a single solution for all the typical needs of a functioning website.

The platform is called Infomaxim. It delivers everything from content management and email broadcasting, to sophisticated ecommerce, community and customer management. And of course, all of this with full support for multi-languages and currencies.

Infomaxim makes changing information on your website a breeze. The system also ensures separation of your websites design, from the way things are organised, and the actual information itself. This is very different to a normal website constructed out of many pages, where the look, content and structure are all interdependent. For examplw, tith Infomaxim, you could come back a year later and completely rebrand the website, without having to touch the content.

Infomaxim is used by large and small companies alike, from organisations such as Kennards Hire, Lend Lease and Stamford Hotels and Resorts, to small pure-online businesses like Bodywise, Fertile Mind and Lifetime Health.

To make such a powerful system affordable for growing businesses, Gravitymax offers a pay-as-you-go service, which bundles up hosting and rental of the Infomaxim product.

Gravitymax Pty Ltd, Sydney - Australia
Andy Farrell

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