Crazy 4 Coconut Soap Collection Gift Box at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations

From: Everything Shea Aromatic Creations
Published: Thu Jun 09 2005

Beverly Hills, CA – Finding realistic smelling coconut that didn’t turn her soap dark brown proved to be a challenge, but Bath & Body Products Designer Lisa Maliga found a genuine aroma of coconut for her new soap quartet. "This scent remains true and doesn’t discolor the soaps that make up the Crazy 4 Coconut Collection Soap Gift Box. Also, I’ve been using this coconut fragrance for a couple of years."

A confirmed Coconut Lover created the Crazy 4 Coconut Collection. This distinctive gift box contains four bars of coconut soap, with a palm tree motif on top of each square handmade bar. The quartet of colorful, fruity, coconut-ty blends includes luscious Coconut Milk Glycerin Soap with shea butter and extra virgin coconut butter. Bright orange colored Coconut Mango has vitamin A filled red palm oil. Pina Colada is a harmonious marriage of succulent and sweet pineapple and coconut and has lots of shea butter and red palm oil to moisturize your skin. Finally, Lime + Coconut has pure lime essential oil which merges beautifully with that sweet coconut scent you can't be without. The Crazy 4 Collection Gift Box comes with an enclosed personalized gift card.

Lisa has created two other coconut soaps that are not part of the Crazy 4 Coconut Collection Gift Box, and they are Coconut Fusion, which contains all forms of coconut additions including shredded coconut, and Lemon Coconut, a visual feast of coconut soap flakes embedded against a brilliant yellow background. Both of these soaps can be found at

The Valentine Wine Gift Bag now features both Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts soaps made from real merlot wine. Reviewed by Chicago Sun-Times reporter Celeste Busk, she writes: "Well, we've heard of wine massages, but now comes a special four-ounce glycerin soap made with wine from Everything Shea Aromatic Creations based in Los Angeles. The wine soap also contains shea nut butter, which has been added as a moisturizer."

Read what customers write about Everything Shea Aromatic Creations soaps:

"Your Coconut Fusion Soap is out of this world! I am just amazed at your soaps and look forward to using all of them!" Nadine Lopez, Melbourne, Florida

"Your soaps are so pretty and smell so great. I really like the glitter in the China Musk Glycerin Soap and the Vaniglia del Madagascar Glycerin Soap is a favorite. The soap was so lathery and moisturizing." Donna Hayes, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Bath & Body Products Designer Lisa Maliga makes her aromatic creations in a peaceful environment. Check back often to find out what’s in the works at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations from the whipped shea butter, new scented shea butter, Shea Comfort (for aches and pains), and the luxurious lip balms. Coming soon is her delicious smelling Sizzling Summer Collection that will have some fabulously fruity and floral aromas, along with a few unique twists. To see her other distinctive soap and shea butter products offered at Everything Shea Aromatic Creations, please visit Secure online shopping 24/7
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