Statistics Show Consumer Displeasure with "Sleazy Salespeople"

From: Cherilyn R. Lester Consulting
Published: Thu Feb 24 2005

Among today’s high paced consumers, your first impression may be your only impression. Because of this, so many companies are focusing on customer service and improving the customer experience.

So why is it such a surprise to see that the common consumer opinion of salespeople resembles that of what goes into a no-name hamburger? Upon researching this "phenomenon", it has been discovered that most consumers regard salespeople as "pushy", "sleazy", "dishonest", and believe that they receive "no customer service" from these front-line staff. Other consumers avoid salespeople like the black plague, and still more don’t feel they need to avoid them – that salespeople ignore them anyway.

So why is this happening? Your sales staff are well paid, they are supposed to be good at sales. Why do consumers view them as "vultures" and "pick-pockets"? Because they are acting like vultures and pick-pockets.

So often in this modern life we walk into a retail establishment and see heads turning as we take out our wallets. We know what we want, and upon seeing the salespeople preparing their speech for our wallets, we almost want to turn away.

Our focus on customer service needs to change. We do not need to eliminate the current customer service tactics. Rather, the focus should be changed from those who interact with customers in a mundane manner, to those who actually effect customer’s purchasing decisions.

Maybe, one day, the words "pushy" and "sleazy" will be replaced with "kind" and "helpful". Maybe, sales - in the traditional sense has just worn out its welcome.
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