Store Supply Warehouse Debuts New Line of Plastic Mannequins

From: Store Supply Warehouse
Published: Wed Feb 24 2010

Store Supply Warehouse recently expanded its already extensive variety of mannequins by adding a new plastic mannequin line to its inventory of retail store supplies. The new line includes plastic female mannequins, plastic male mannequins, female plastic cameo mannequins and male plastic cameo mannequins.

Plastic mannequins are becoming increasingly popular because they are nearly indestructible and can withstand moving and storage without breaking. Store Supply Warehouse received an increased number of requests for these durable displays and decided to expand its line of mannequins that already included mannequins with wigs, mannequins with molded hair, headless mannequins, plus sized mannequins, specialty mannequins, cameo mannequins, jersey covered forms and fashion forms.

"Stores that rotate and vary their display mannequins often should consider investing in plastic mannequins instead of less durable options such as fiberglass mannequins," said Matt Wohlstadter, President of Store Supply Warehouse. "Plastic retail mannequins can withstand the bruising associated with moving, changing and storing displays that can break, scratch and damage less durable mannequins. Also, plastic mannequins are extremely lightweight, allowing for easy rearranging and movement so that anyone on your team can tackle a display change project."

The new plastic line includes the following mannequin designs:
* Plastic Female Mannequin Sitting with Stool and Wig - 70360
* Plastic Female Mannequin with Arm and Leg Bent and Wig - 70359
* Plastic Female Mannequin with Wig and Leg Bent - 70358
* Plastic Male Mannequin with Wig – 70357
* Female Plastic Cameo Mannequin - Headless – 70355
* Female Plastic Cameo Mannequin - Headless with Arm Bent – 70354
* Male Plastic Cameo Mannequin - Headless – 70356

Store Supply Warehouse’s plastic mannequins are $129 for the full mannequins with wigs and the white headless cameo plastic mannequins sell for $95.

About Store Supply Warehouse:
Store Supply Warehouse was founded in 1994 as a wholesaler of store fixtures and supplies to small, independent retailers. The company stocks and sells more than 1,600 retail fixtures and store supplies, including display cases, racks and shelving, shopping bags, hangers, pricing and tagging guns and mannequins. All products are in-stock in all three warehouses, located in Reno, Nevada, St. Louis, Missouri and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Store Supply’s products are available for purchase through the 80-page catalog, which is updated and distributed three times a year, or online at and all orders placed before 3 p.m. receive guaranteed same day shipping. The company’s main office is located at 9801 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri, 63132. Contact Store Supply directly at 800-823-8887 or by email at

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