Skin & Cancer Foundation endorse Outlook sunshades

From: Cheeky Rascals
Published: Thu Feb 25 2010

The team at sunshade brand Outlook® are delighted to announce that the range has been fully endorsed by the Skin and Cancer Foundation, Australia. An independent, non-profit testing centre with a wealth of experience, the Foundation is well placed to assist consumers in choosing products that are safe to use and deliver promised benefits.

Outlook® shades offer unbeatable (up to UPF 50+) hassle-free UV protection for baby’s eyes (latest research links excessive UV exposure to cataracts in later life) and for delicate skin.

A study recently conducted in Australia by optometry specialist Professor Stephen Dain, concluded "the reduction in ultraviolet dose afforded by the Outlook shade-a-babe was found to be 11 times more effective than without the use of a shade."

Australian mumpreneur Eileen Hooey-Slocombe, inventor of the shade-a-babe commented; "We are delighted to have received these endorsements from leading experts in the field. The shade-a-babe is designed to be used with the lower mesh zipped up whenever sun protection is needed – whether the child is asleep or awake."

The dark, ‘see-through’ UV mesh acts rather like a pair of sunglasses, shielding the child’s eyes from the glare of the sun, yet still allowing them to see out.
Perfect for shading a snoozing baby, the mesh also provides wind and insect protection and can be unzipped for access and folded into the built-in pocket when not required.

Available from leading UK distributor Cheeky Rascals, the Outlook range also includes the auto-shade, a multi-fitting shade which screens the entire rear window of the car, and the solar-shade, a UPF50+ shade which extends the shade cover of the pushchair canopy.
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