FLUOREM’s software programs are aerodynamically revolutionary

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Published: Fri Jun 10 2005

FLUOREM of France is launching two new software programs – Turb’Design™ 2 and Turb’Opty™ – as part of the continued development of its Flow Design Office applications suite. The programs complement the software tools available to fluid mechanics design professionals from the aeronautics, automotive, chemicals and nuclear sectors. FLUOREM will be present at the 46th Bourget International Air Show in Paris from 13 to 19 June 2005.

Version 2 of the Turb'Design™ program is a robust design tool, which enables the implementation of second-order sensitivity analyses in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. Turb’Design™ 2 enables the most sensitive parameters and their impact on performance to be assessed successively. It improves conditions for the serial launch of the product, as early as the design stage, by being associated with other design resources such as computer-aided design. Therefore, following a reference calculation and a few Turb’Design™ 2 runs, users will have a precise knowledge of the influence of each parameter considered independently, depending on the desired objective. For example, engineers will now have the means of calculating the influence of ice accretion on wing lift and of anticipating the size and location of the de-icing system on the wing.

Turb'Opty™ is a decision-making support program which divides the aerodynamic calculation time by more than 1,000 – offering access to thousands of solutions with just one operation. It can find the best shape in terms of drag and stability within just a few hours, sometimes even just a few minutes, whereas more "conventional" applications require days of analysis. For example, it is capable of studying concurrently the influence the slant of a car windscreen wiper blade and of the tailgate according to the vehicle’s speed or a prevailing crosswind. Turb’Opty™ is a plug-in for an already existing internal or commercial computing sequence, increasing the capacity of the base solver. Once the database has been built up, it can be used directly by a non-specialist flow-simulation designer.

These two new programs take their place alongside the other software in the Flow Design Office range: Turb’Flow™ (solver), Turb’Design™ 1 (program for first-order sensitivity study and design assistance), Turb’Mesh™ (preprocessor designed to work with Turb'Opty™), Turb’Post™ (dedicated to operating the Turb’Opty™ database) and Turb’View™ (postprocessor). Turb’Design™ 2 and Turb’Opty™, operate under Linux, IRIX (SGI) and AIX (IBM). Descriptions of these new programs can be downloaded on FLUOREM’s web site.

FLUOREM will be present at the 46th Bourget International Air Show (Paris, France) from 13 to 19 June 2005 at the Pavillon des Entreprises Rhône-Alpes (Hall 4, Stand D11).

Since 2000, FLUOREM, based near Lyon in south-east France, has been developing its activities around three areas providing services to industry leaders in aeronautics, car making and industry in general: publication of CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) software; distribution in France of software made by the Canadian company Newmerical Technologies International; and a technical research and consulting department in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, providing services in fluid phenomena – and, where needed, aeroacoustics calculation and analysis. FLUOREM is a partner in the European programme known as PROBAND, concerned with reducing the broadband noise made by jet engine fans. The company’s international perspective enables it to develop partnerships with large international groups including Airbus, Alcatel, Areva, Eurocopter, Snecma, and Valeo.
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