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Published: Fri Feb 26 2010

During the days where a knowledge worker chooses which company he would like to work for, knowing something about a company as an employer comes in handy. Who else, but the present and past employees of a company to write about it? aims to be a repository of such employee written job reviews in various companies. Power lies with the knowledge worker and is a platform for them to exercise that power.

Anonymous Job Reviews:-

At, an employee, present or past, can write his or her experience with the company and rate the company on different parameters such as Pay, Working Conditions, Growth Prospects, Co-Workers etc on a scale of -3 to +3. -3 stands for worst and +3 for best. They can review companies anonymously. Ratings given on different parameters add up to form the total rating given by that employee. Ratings given by many employees on a company add up to form the Company’s total rating. Companies are categorized by alphabets as well as industry, arranged by their total rating. One can tell, at a glance, which among the companies in a niche is most employee-friendly and which is least. Employees, while rating a company on a parameter, can substantiate the rating they have given through a quick comment. Others can also comment on one’s review.

Free Job Posting:-

Along with Job Reviews, on anyone can post a job opening that they know about, absolutely free. It might be an employee of a company who knows that there is an opening in his or her company and wants to refer some candidates, an HR Manager of a company, a company owner or a professional head hunter. No money involved, as we are in the Web 2.0 age and internet is open to anyone that wants to make the best use of it.

Bulk Job Postings:-

There are many unique tools for those who want to post job openings. If a head hunter wants to post multiple jobs but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time adding one job opening at a time, there is a bulk job upload console, where the job poster can add upto 50 job opening details in a spreadsheet and upload that to the site. Each job gets added to the respective category with relevant details.

Easy Candidate Management:-

The job poster can view all the candidates who have applied for his or her job in a single page, delete the candidates who don’t meet the requirements, save the shortlisted candidates and even send a custom message to select candidates. Resumes submitted by the candidates can be downloaded from this page.

Easy Job Application Management for Candidates:-

Except for the details provided in the resume that they have uploaded, candidates’ personal details are not visible to anyone. The candidates can easily manage the jobs they have applied and can see the jobs by the date when they had applied. If a job is already applied, then they will be alerted if they try to apply again to the same position. is an end-to-end Job Portal without the frills and gloss. It acts as a platform for anyone that wants to make use of it. Though it is mainly positioned for the Indian market, anyone, anywhere in the world can make use of it, after all aren’t we are living in a global village?!
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