Google reveals compensation culture may well be out of control

From: YouClaim
Published: Fri Jun 10 2005

It’s difficult to imagine that Spiderman with his superhuman powers would need to make a personal injury claim! Or picturing a cockroach crawling into someone’s ear! However, research by has revealed the things that people are looking to claim compensation for.

Data from visitors that have been directed to the site by Google show that people type some very strange words into search engines when searching for assistance with making a compensation claim. Among the most curious searches that people made in the last few months include:

•‘spiderman claim’
•‘cockroach in ear’
•‘knitting injury’
•‘claim for broken nail’
•‘road rage – men v women’
•‘compensation claim for Sue’s legs’

Natasha Jones, Claims Manager at YouClaim said:

"Looking at the search words people use to find our site, you’d be forgiven for believing that the compensation culture is out of control in this country and that people are trying to literally claim for a broken finger nail!

These slightly strange searches that people are making only represent a small percentage of the enquiries we get on our website. The majority of people are searching for something less unusual such as ‘car accident compensation’ or ‘whiplash injury claim’ – which we are able to deal with. We do of course assess every case and its individual circumstances, and if Spiderman has a genuine claim, we’d be delighted to help him".

It is hoped that the person who searched ‘claim for boyfriend cheating’ eventually came to some amicable agreement. And that whoever is ‘allergic to the world’ has found the right direction (or medication!).

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