The strangest thing I’ve ever carried in my car is…

From: Hoot Car Insurance
Published: Fri Jun 10 2005

It’s often said that our cars are a reflection of our homes. We eat in them, get from A to B in them and sometimes people even live in them. We fill them with food wrappers, kids’ toys, sport equipment, blankets, spare tyres and if the results of a recent survey by are anything to go by, a lot more besides.

They have compiled a list of the strangest objects that people admitted to carrying. We reckon the stories behind some of this stuff are unprintable or verging on illegal!

o A shopping trolley stolen for a charity race to carry a man with one leg
o A stolen bar stool (how did they sneak out of the pub with this?)
o A sheep and a chicken
o A spare engine (hopefully not intended for the car it was being driven in)
o A bale of hay, maybe for the sheep and chicken?
o A kidney being transported to hospital for transplant
o A world war II bomb found in a field (not advisable)
o Eight people in a mini (we obviously don’t condone fitting as many people as possible into a car!)
o A guitar once owned by Elvis (apparently!)
o A certain celebrity footballer who needed a lift to a training session after their Bentley broke down near London

And finally if you thought those weren’t quite wacky enough one person admitted that she once had to transport five fully inflated four foot tall Homer Simpson’s in the back of her car. One can only wonder where these were headed…


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