The Spiritual Law – The Bad News Book

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Published: Sun Jun 12 2005

In the ancient times there was a clear distinction between the good and the bad news. The ancients perceived the distinction to be of such an importance that two separate posts related to the news content were devised. Those were the good and the bad news messengers. As it happens, the good news messenger would enjoy the appreciation of the people. The bad news messenger though, would sometimes have his life terminated.

The Spiritual Law is a religious book designed to bring the bad news to the people. As such, it is in a direct opposition to the biblical books, or the books that we call the books of good news. The text provides information and discussion related to the religious topics already known to the average reader. However, it presents them in a way that would lead to disillusion, change of interpretation and possibly rejection of the established ways of looking at the subject. Consequently, the reader may feel unhappy with the conclusions which would be derived from the text.

The book goes a step further, adding a twist to the overall effect. Depending on the religious affiliation of the reader, he or she would find that the book sponsors another one. Thus, to a Christian reader the book appears to be accommodating the Islamic beliefs, especially those which are contrary to the Christian dogma. However, a Muslim would not find the text supportive; he would rather observe that the text sponsors Judaism. Even more, a Jewish reader would find the text difficult to accept, and would rather see it as being sympathetic to Christianity. If this is an attempt toward Ecumenism, then it surely comes with a twist.

The amount of information discussed in the book is enormous. One may truly marvel at the number of issues discussed and the angles from which they have been presented. This alone, makes the book worth reading. The presentation is logical and develops into steps along an easy to follow path, making the complex issues easier to understand and the discussion of the topics more natural. When completing the reading, one has a feeling of having experienced an extensive spirituality tour.

In the ancient times the bad news messenger would lose his life because of the message. Nowadays, a more elaborate method of dealing with the problem has been devised. The addressee simply redirects the messenger to another person claiming the message is for someone else.
Those of us who enjoy reading other people’s mail are bound to take the plunge and read the book, if only to establish who the actual addressee is.
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