Barclaycard rollercoaster glides to top spot

From: Barclaycard
Published: Tue Mar 09 2010

Barclaycard's rollercoaster campaign has topped the AdWatch list of current advertising campaigns, with 60% of adults questioned by Marketing Magazine recalling the advert.

Launched on 22 January 2010, the advert tells the story of an adventurous and innovative commute to work - on a rollercoaster. Filmed in New York and Hollywood using the 'Spidercam', the process involved a real rollercoaster cart, 40ft of working track, and complex CGI to create a complete, realistic vision of a rollercoaster weaving in and out of the city's skyscrapers.

This new advert follows on closely from the success of Barclaycard's previous waterslide advert, which also used the Spidercam, which had not been used since Sam Raimi employed it to film sections of the Spiderman movies, in order to highlight the flexibility and ease of use which contactless payments provide for cardholders and retailers.

The TV advert, created by BBH and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, is part of a wider campaign that will include online adverts and a social media campaign set to reach more than 10 million people using Facebook. Barclaycard also plans to launch a Rollercoaster download game later this year.

The contactless payment technology at the centre of the advert was pioneered by Barclaycard in the UK in 2007; now, over six million contactless enabled cards are in circulation in the UK, and over 20,000 retailers across the country now accept contactless payments.


Notes to editors:

About Barclaycard:
Barclaycard, part of Barclays Global Retail Banking division, is a leading global payment business which helps consumers, retailers and businesses to make and accept credit card payments flexibly, and to access short-term credit when needed.

The company is one of the pioneers of new forms of payments and is at the forefront of developing viable contactless and mobile payment schemes for today and cutting edge forms of payment for the future. It also issues charge and credit cards to corporate customers and the UK Government. Barclaycard partners with a wide range of organisations across the globe to offer their customers or members payment options and credit.

In addition to the UK, Barclaycard operates in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle and Far East.

Key facts published in February 2010;
number of UK customers: 10.4m
number of International customers: 10.8m
number of retailer/merchant relationships: 87,000

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