ABK Launches Mobile Communications Solution for Construction Sector

From: ABK
Published: Mon Jun 13 2005

Technology specialist ABK has launched a mobile computing resource centre designed specifically to meet the communications requirements of site managers and architects working on construction sites.

The company's Commun-IT division has developed a mobile satellite van which provides on-demand IT on wheels, wherever it is required. The van comes fully equipped with a wireless network, broadband and Internet connectivity and all the necessary hardware to run a fully functional on-site communications office.

A core feature of the satellite van lies in its simplicity - it's a mobile computing centre that can be deployed quickly and easily anywhere. The van is fully self-powered and operates on a wireless local area network, removing the need to lay extra power cables and Internet lines or rig up generators.

A truly mobile computer resource, the Commun-IT van removes the headache of organising and installing costly IT infrastructure, and also the problem of disposing with the IT equipment after the work has been completed. The satellite van is made operational simply by pressing four buttons, which initiate the server, set up the wireless network and lock the satellite into a fixed signal for consistent and uninterrupted Internet access.

The satellite van can easily be taken from one construction site to another, and requires no special licence for drivers. A valuable and cost-effective resource for building companies, who are able to quickly and conveniently set up a business and communications centre from which to operate with the minimum of infrastructure. The van can be taken from site to site to fit in with building schedules, and can be fully operational with Internet access and wireless networking within minutes.

Equipped with the latest laptop computers, the Commun-IT van offers architects and site managers the flexibility to work wherever they need to on-site, be that in the marketing suite, sales office or whilst walking around the site itself inspecting the progress. The 100 base Ethernet connectivity is ideal for a host of additional business functions, with DSL/T1 digital lines for 2-way real-time transmission of video, voice and IP via satellite for video-conferencing.

Commun-IT manager Mike Rimmer said: "The van is taking the latest computing technology and communications tools beyond the traditional confines of the office or IT suite and on-site to where it is actually needed.

"The Commun-IT van brings the networking facilities and hardware necessary to run a mobile corporate computing centre, without the need for any wires, cables or complex IT infrastructure."

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