New devolo MicroLink dLAN Audio Connects PCs and Hi-Fis Via Household Electrical Power Circuit

From: devolo UK
Published: Mon Jun 13 2005

devolo UK has extended its MicroLink dLAN (direct Local Area Network) range of HomePlug products with the MicroLink dLAN Audio. This device allows users to interconnect PCs, Hi-Fis or active speakers quickly and easily using the existing household electricity wiring, with no need for additional cabling.

This plug-and-play home audio network lets users stream MP3s, WMA files or Internet radio into any room in their home with a household power socket from their hi-fi system, PC or external loudspeakers, in stereo CD quality.

The new MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter can be plugged into any domestic power socket and features cinch, mini-jack and microphone sockets (analogue / digital input / output) for connecting Hi-Fi systems, loudspeakers or microphones. Two adapters enable a simple audio network.

The integrated encoder and decoder allow the stereo playback of MP3/ WMA files with audio data rates of up to 44.1 kHz in CD quality. With devolo plug-ins for Winamp and Windows Media Player, the user’s PC can also be used as a network jukebox.

"Many people have their Hi-Fi system in the living room and want to hear music in the kitchen too. Now they need nothing more than 2 MicroLink dLAN Audio adapters and a pair of active loudspeakers", said Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG in Aachen Germany. "There’s no need to drill through walls or ceilings or lay new cables, as the new dLAN Audio makes it exceptionally easy to listen to Internet radio stations or MP3 files in any room, from every household power socket via your PC or Hi-Fi."

HomePlug technology is established as the easiest home networking alternative for interconnecting computers and gaming consoles via the existing household power circuit. And as MicroLink dLAN adapters communicate over the existing electricity cabling, they are well suited to old buildings and houses; MicroLink dLAN adapters don’t suffer from typical WLAN networking obstacles like thick walls and multi-floors.

Europe’s market leader for HomePlug products is releasing the unique MicroLink dLAN Audio in June with an RRP of £119.99 inc. VAT.

Photos, data sheets and diagrams of various scenarios are available:

Test samples are available to journalists upon request.

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Editor’s notes

About devolo:
devolo was founded in May 2002 by former employees of the now insolvent German data communications and graphics card developer ELSA AG.. Focusing on the consumer data communications marketplace, devolo has taken over all the technological expertise from ELSA AG along with the brand names and product rights for "MicroLink". 20 years of experience in developing data communications solutions provides the ultimate foundation for producing a broad spectrum of high quality products. Whilst the UK will focus primarily on the MicroLink dLAN HomePlug networking range of products, the current European range also includes analogue modems, ADSL modems and focused networking technologies for private consumers and professional business users. Due to the many years of experience that our employees collectively possess, a relatively young company like devolo can assure the quality of its products straight from the outset. In addition, our in-house R&D team constantly ensure that a flow of innovative products are developed to match market requirements.

HomePlug technology uses your existing household power supply mains as a communications medium for data and music, allowing you to easily expand your network connectivity options without drilling or making a mess.
You can access the network from any electrical power socket anywhere in your house. Enjoy complete freedom in choosing the location of your home/ office and change it at any time you wish. Particularly well suited to old buildings and houses, MicroLink dLAN adapters don’t suffer from typical WLAN obstacles like thick walls and multi-floors.
The entire devolo MicroLink® dLAN® product family is compatible with the International HomePlug standard ( and can be flexibly combined to suit your individual requirements.
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