Gusto! gives spice industry much needed pizzazz.

From: Vivid Product Design
Published: Mon Jun 13 2005

Pottstown, Penn., June 13, 2005 – Inspired in part by a decorative display in a Milan furniture showroom, Vivid Product Design principal and master designer Velissa Van Scoyoc decided that it was time to find a way to bring out the beauty inherent in both the texture and color of spices – something that is rarely accomplished even at most gourmet food stores.

"Spices are so important in cooking and cultural differentiation, yet there is far too little emphasis put on their display and packaging," said Van Scoyoc. "When presented properly, there is more than simply function to these fabulous finds." As a result, Gusto! soon came to life. By pressing spices into blocks and a plethora of other attractive shapes, the concept creates a decorative and aromatic display that enhances the raw texture and color of the material. "The use of the pressed spices alters the perception and the method of using spices in cooking," said Van Scoyoc.

The simple fact that people are continuously looking to try new and interesting cuisines and flavors only makes Gusto! even more appealing, explained Van Scoyoc. "By facilitating custom blended flavors for branding and marketing purposes, Gusto! provides the time-pressed consumer with a means of indulging in new cuisines and flavors that most otherwise lack the expertise to duplicate."

As this year’s recipient of the IDSA Scientistic Invitational’s award, Gusto! has yet to make the leap from concept to production. However, Van Scoyoc is interested in working with a company willing to embrace the concept. "I am ideally looking for a company already importing spices from around the world and possessing the processing capabilities to prepare raw spices," she said. "With all of its potential derivatives, Gusto! offers someone willing to fund additional research and development with the opportunity to cash in on an intriguing gourmet offering."

About Vivid Product Design ( With a successful record of accomplishment since its 1996 conception, Vivid has developed numerous concepts that have led to award winning products introductions. With roots in industrial and medical product design, the firm is continuing to evolve and establish a name for itself in the highly competitive and often artistic consumer product goods arena. The firm’s operations are under the guidance of master designer Velissa Van Scoyoc, who holds degrees from The Ohio State University and Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.
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