PurespeedPlus and Extend A Pop form partnership to better serve industry

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Published: Mon Jun 13 2005

Salisbury, MD – Innovative Communications Solutions, LLC dba PurespeedPlus, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Extend A Pop, Inc. The partnership between the two widely recognized communications solutions providers will enable PurespeedPlus to provide their VISP (virtual Internet service provider) and affinity marketing clients with innovative portal and information delivery system technologies. Additionally, Extend A Pop will benefit from established PurespeedPlus vendor relationships as a gateway for providing their customer base with enhanced and extended service options.

Extend A Pop has developed a powerful web-based Virtual ISP software package that allows users to effectively manage a Virtual ISP from anywhere in the world with no hardware or development costs. From one powerful Control Panel, administrators can manage their Internet products and pricing, users, email accounts, modify support information, reset passwords, control color schemes and layout options, make changes to the company logo, customize the look and feel of their Internet Portal, and a host of other options. Chris Cicolini, PurespeedPlus VP of Business Development said, "We are pleased, that through Extend A Pop, we are now able to offer our clients a set of extraordinary new tools that will help them manage their business more efficiently and effectively." He continued, "It is our goal to continue to partner with quality companies such as Extend A Pop to ensure that our VISP and affinity marketing clients have access to quality technology that responds to their specific needs."

PurespeedPlus, one of the nation’s largest ISP aggregators, is the leader in serving the communications needs of VISPs and affinity marketing groups. The company is part of the Draper Holdings Business Trust (DHBT) Technology Division and operates from corporate headquarters in Salisbury, MD. DHBT’s diversified interests also include CBS and UPN affiliated television stations; extensive land holdings; a real estate development firm; and a telecommunications division. Jeff Kompon, CEO and Founder of Extend A Pop commented on the importance of the strength of PurespeedPlus as well as their corporate foundation. He said, "It is a great pleasure to work with a company that has such a positive reputation in the industry and solid financial standing. In an industry that changes so quickly, that is often difficult to find."

About PurespeedPlus
PurespeedPlus is a leading national communications service provider delivering advanced communications services to businesses, governments, and consumers. PurespeedPlus’ extensive client list includes ISPs, Fortune 50 companies, affinity groups and non-profit organizations. With a focus on complete telecommunications solutions, PurespeedPlus focuses on establishing strategic relationships with hundreds of industry leaders and offer only superior, thoroughly tested products and services. For more information about PurespeedPlus, visit www.purespeedplus.com or email sales@purespeedplus.com.

About Extend A Pop
Extend A Pop delivers superior, simplified, cost effective solutions, which allow companies to focus on their business and marketing expertise. The company, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, offers solutions that are robust enough to satisfy every spectrum of the Internet industry; from a complete turn-key solution to a-la-carte offerings for the existing provider to outsource their services while saving time and expense. For more information about Extend A Pop visit www.extendapop.net or email info@extendapop.net.

For more information about the PurespeedPlus – Extend A Pop Partnership Contact: Christopher J. Cicolini, Vice President of Business Development, PurespeedPlus
Voice: 800-284-4589 ext. 6451
Email: ccicolini@purespeedplus.com

Media Contact:Lindsay Jones, Media Director, PurespeedPlus
Voice: 866-292-1129
Email: ljones@purespeedplus.com

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