Improvements in Memory Foam Mattress Technology Benefit Both Bad Backs and the Earth

From: The Mattress Experts
Published: Fri Mar 12 2010

Science and technology help people sleep better while they dream eco-friendly all through the night. HealthSmart’s memory foam mattress is made in the USA from some natural plant resources that have been enhanced to better contour to the spine of the sleeper. Their visco elastic mattresses are not only good for the earth, but also therapeutic for people suffering from spine problems. HealthSmart’s sleep systems feature medically proven properties of heat sensitivity, melding to the curves of the body in ways that support the spine through beneficial contours.

Using foam technology originally developed by NASA, HealthSmart takes the memory foam mattress into the 21st century by enhancing its heat responsiveness and increasing mattress durability. This mattress is not only made with plant materials, but is designed for long lasting quality. While many mattresses end up in a landfill after 3 years, a HealthSmart consumer can expect at least 20 years of good sleep from the same mattress. Made from organic matter, the mattress’s eco-friendly design is built to last, providing decades of quality sleep for those with spine problems.

The medical benefits of HealthSmart’s memory foam mattress stem from its shape that perfectly contours to the back and spine. The mattress is painstakingly designed to respond to the heat of the body. The foam is 100% heat and weight sensitive. Adjusting to the heat and weight of the sleeper, the mattress customizes to the body’s shape for the perfect contour to complete pressure point relief.

Technology improves the design of today’s mattress with 5.3 lbs density foam instead of the more typical 3 or 4 lb light density foam. A mattress of higher density provides better spine sustaining benefits for ideal therapeutic sleep. Employing higher density materials that are also temperature and heat sensitive, HealthSmart’s visco elastic mattress melds soft spots for sensitive areas and firm points where the spine and back need the most support.

In addition to its durability, HealthSmart’s mattress does not produce poisonous chemicals that contaminate the environment. The company has improved the technology of the memory foam mattress so that it is long lasting and more environmentally sustainable. Denser foam, when combined with heat and weight sensitive properties, dramatically improves the sleep of those with spine problems. People with bad backs can dream better knowing their mattress is environmentally friendly. This mattress gives a good night’s sleep that’s also greener for the earth.
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