Are Their Differences Between Haitian And Chilean Earthquakes?

A death toll of more than 800 has followed in the wake of one of the severest ever recorded earthquakes, while untold numbers are still missing and 2 million people displaced, wounded or otherwise affected. The death toll is expected to rise still further.

As governments prepared for a possible tsunami, the 90 second, 8.8 earthquake triggered warnings right across the Pacific. Prior to the 21.7 mile deep major quake hitting Chile, several quakes of 5 or more were registered on the Momentum Magnitude, (a more accurate measure of an earthquake’s energy).

Approximately 30 aftershocks followed, some measuring higher than 6.0.
Tsunami surges of up to 10 feet swept onto the Chilean islands of Juan Fernandez, leaving 3 people dead and 13 missing. In order to avoid the effects of the earthquakes, many had left the land and put out to sea in small boats.

Hawaii was hit by a series of small 3-foot tsunamis, but caused no damage. Smaller-than-expected waves washed ashore on Japan and South California.

Numerous South Pacific islanders fled to higher ground and thousands of people were evacuated. Some people watched as waves of up to 1.5 metres high rammed into New Zealand's east coast.

In some of the most heavily affected areas of Chile, looters overran supermarkets, making off with food, water and diapers, as well as television sets. Some banks were robbed in the port city of Concepcion, the country's second largest city. Police in armoured vehicles sprayed looters with water cannons and arrested several people.

"We have money to buy it, but the big stores are closed, so what are we supposed to do?" Concepcion resident Patricio Martinez told reporters. Army troops were sent to the area.

The biggest earthquake ever recorded, 9.5, 20.5 miles deep, quake in 1960, forced the Chilean government to demand builders adhere to strict building codes. In spite of this Bachelet's government believes that a million buildings have been damaged.

The earthquake, registering 7, in Haiti killed more than 215,000 people and left a million homeless. Haiti's earthquake was 700 times less powerful than the one that hit Chile, but it was closer to the earth's surface.

While Chilean President was immediately on the streets comforting citizens, Haiti's President Rene Preval has been almost AWOL for weeks.

Haiti, the western hemisphere's poorest country and Chile, Latin America's highest per capita GDP, are both located on top of large, volatile fault lines. Haiti allowed buildings to be erected with little or no input from engineers, amid widespread corruption. 13 of the 14 federal ministry building collapsed in the Jan 12 earthquake.

An extremely deadly 25 foot tsunami followed the 1960 Chilean quake, causing more of the 5,700 deaths. Most of them were from the tsunami. In Hawaii and Japan 61 people were killed, with tremendous destruction to property.

About Differences Between Haitian and Chielean Earthquakes
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