From: Terberg Matec UK Ltd.
Published: Mon Mar 15 2010

Durham have specified the innovative eco-Pump technology to provide the power to Terberg's successful and safe OmniDEL Xtra low level automatic bin lift. The OmniDEL Xtra’s flexibility meant that it was the ideal choice for Durham and suited their wide range of operational requirements throughout the county. OmniDEL Xtra comes as standard with several safety benefits including a unique geometry to eliminate bin ‘kick out’, folding safety arms, optional underwalk protection, bin presence and security sensors and a controlled ‘gravity down’ bin return cycle that significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.

Terberg eco-Pump, unlike conventional hydraulic power supply systems, has a built-in intelligence to deliver only as much hydraulic power as is needed to lift the load presented to the bin lift ensuring that energy is not wasted and therefore fuel is not wasted.
The hydraulic power delivered to the bin lift by eco-Pump is based on the actual weight of the bin and its contents, not by the physical size or type of bin.
With eco-Pump the load on the RCV engine is minimal and does not require increased revs for bin lift operation, all of which adds up to significant reduction in noise pollution, great news for householders who like a lie in!

Norman Ramsey, Fleet Operations Manager for Durham County Council commented,

"Our choice to select the Terberg eco-Pump and the OmniDEL was the result of a lengthy evaluation process. Our eventual decision was made based on the whole life costs and reduced environmental impact offered by the Terberg solution. Before the formation of Durham County Council, the majority of our district councils used Terberg binlifts, we therefore already appreciated the benefits offered with Terberg such as their comprehensive training programme and after-sales support. We also recognised the robust build and efficient operation offered by the OmniDEL binlift, which by adding eco-Pump to the mix makes for an effective, efficient, quieter and reduced emission collection fleet. That is a benefit not just for us but for householders and the environment".

With Durham County Council firmly focused on reducing its CO2 emissions as much as possible, specifying eco-Pump and the OmniDEL Xtra has allowed the council to outline tangible objectives for their CO2 emission reductions in their submission for the National Indicator 185 (NI185).
In conjunction with an OmniDEL bin lift, the eco-Pump offers a reduction in the fuel consumed by the bin lift alone of 42%, equating to saving of around 3.5 litres of diesel burnt per RCV vehicle per day. Over the course of a year this means that the fleet of seventeen RCV’s for Durham County Council will reduce their carbon emissions by a fantastic 37,400 tonnes by specifying the Terberg eco-Pump.

Area Sales Manager for Terberg, Dave Shaw had this to say,
"Needless to say, we are delighted at the news, the popularity of the eco-Pump seems to be growing across the UK and Europe and is testament to the increased commitment by many to reduce the impact of the modern world on our planet.
We see Durham’s commitment to us as a supplier as a significant foundation to the building of a county level relationship based on our approach that served the Durham District Councils so well prior to the formation of Durham County Council in April 2009 and now continues."

Eco-pump is available fitted from new as part of a bin lift system or as a retro-upgrade to the complete range of bin lifts supplied by Terberg Matec UK Ltd.

Further information on the Terberg eco-Pump is available at www.terbergmatec.com
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