Green Edge Systems Receives Award for Proposed Wireless Temperature Monitoring System and HACCP PDA

From: Green Edge Systems, Inc
Published: Tue Mar 16 2010

Green Edge Systems, Inc., leader in technology solutions for school food services receives award for its proposal for Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems and the iQuality HACCP Hand-Held PDA Inspection System with integrated temperature monitoring by the South Texas Coop - Child Nutrition Program. The award assists the ESC 1 Coop members in meeting the Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines of each district by continuously monitoring and documenting equipment temperatures, as well as food temperatures.

The Green Edge Systems product line for school food services includes:

• Hand-Held HACCP PDA with integrated refrigeration temperature monitoring
• Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems
• Cooler Filter Blankets for Odor and Mold removal and Humidity reduction
• Digital Menu Boards for School Food Services
• Thermometer Calibrators to replace Ice and boiling water calibration

As part of the awarded proposal, Green Edge Systems provides an additional special discount of upto 10% for districts that order products from more then one of Greed Edge Systems’ product line.

The iQuality PDA is a powerful web-based tool for managing HACCP and inspection system for large food service organizations such as school food services. Combining the best technology in PDAs (handheld computers), temperature data acquisition, and .NET web-based software, iQuality automates the monitoring of quality risk factors while dramatically lowering the potential for human error.

The All-In-One iQuality Hand-Held Held PDA Inspection System provides monitoring capabilities for food temperatures as well as temperature monitoring capabilities for all refrigeration units.

The iQuality Hand-Held PDA comes with an integrated RFID reader that allows reading of low cost RFID Temperature tags ($17 per tag) that are placed inside the refrigeration units.

There is no additional charge for monitoring the temperatures in refrigeration units when using the iQuality PDA.

The iQuality PDA is a rugged Industrial grade unit (4 food drop test) with an extraordinarily large display. Its size is about 50% larger then competitive products, that are mostly using consumer grade pocket PC devices. The iQuality probe has very quick reaction time, and has no screws or connecting parts to avoid any possibility of accumulating debris and becoming a food safety hazard. The hand held unit as well as the probe can be cleaned very easily.

To get started with iQuality, customer pay an activation fee that provides them with the hand held unit, the probe and a three year warranty for the hand held unit. During this warranty period, a replacement unit will be provided the next day for any failure to operate units, "no question asked".

PDAs, same as POS systems and cell phones have newer model announcements all the time that come with more advanced features. Our program allows customers to refresh their units to such upgraded units, whenever they feel appropriate. Any time after the 3-year warranty period, at a moderate refresh charge, we will provide our customers upon their request with "latest and greatest" units and at that time of refreshment customers will get an additional 3 years "no Questions Asked" next day replacement warranty. Customers do not need to refresh units, but have the option of doing so whenever they wish so or as an option to units that may need repair after the first 3 year warranty period is over.

Highlights of the iQuality PDA:

• Inputs temperature probe data directly into the PDA
• Inputs refrigerators temperatures into the PDA through the RFID reader
• Ensures checkpoints are actually visited
• Prompts with corrective actions whenever a critical limit is exceeded
• Manages multi-step processes such as cooling
• Makes reports instantly available via web-browser
• Ensure critical food handling procedures are followed via automated checklists, action prompts, and audit trails
• Streamline regulatory reporting with paperless data capture
• Stay on top of the latest safety procedures with centralized configuration and automatic change distribution
• Improve awareness of food safety with instant alerts and enterprise reports
• Avoid initial acquisition costs with PAR hosting of the enterprise component
• Simplify support with centralized configuration tool and easy-to-use hardware/and software
• Deploys easily with .NET web-based architecture

The awarded wireless temperature Monitoring System reads the temperature every single minute, 1440 readings daily, allowing schools to fully adhere to the USDA guidelines.

An advanced dashboard allows the monitoring of the entire district from a single, easily operated screen. The dashboard can be organized by location, type of equipment or both. With a single click one can review in depth any alert and its actual status, reconfigure any sensor or group of sensors, and generate any report and much more.

All the important data is constantly automatically updated and presented on the dashboard, and in particular, any active alert and information that needs immediate attention is displayed and can be review in detail through a single click. This data is available 24/7 from any location, in the convenience of the home, work, and while on vacation and on the road.

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Green Edge Systems, Inc., is a trusted leader of Technology Solutions for School Food Services that include HACCP wireless temperature monitoring and food safety solutions, state-of-the-art affordable hardware products, software and communication platforms, humidity refrigeration control, Digital Menu Boards and Thermometer Calibrators. These systems provide key elements for implementing the required HACCP food safely that ensures food safely and substantial saving for school food services and efficient and modern operation of School Food Services.

To get additional information on the HACCP wireless temperature monitoring system, the iQuality PAR Tech Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection System with integrated temperature monitoring capabilities, the Epicure Digital Menu systems, the HumiFilters Humidity Cooler Filter Blankets and the Tel-Tru Check-Temp thermometer Calibrators or to set up a meeting and demonstration, visit us at one of the coming events or contact Green Edge Systems, Inc. at 818-825-8167, .

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