Gorillaz limited edition album unlocks new secrets on website

From: EMI Music UK
Published: Tue Jun 14 2005

This week, Parlophone launches brand new content on the award-winning Gorillaz site.

In an integrated campaign, some of the site’s new content is only accessible to fans with a copy of the limited edition of Demon Days. When fans insert the disc into their PC, they can enter the kitchen in Kong Studios, break into a cupboard and access an exclusive, downloadable bonus track, as well as PC wallpapers and screensavers.

www.gorillaz.com is the band’s virtual home, Kong Studios, and is made up of various rooms and scenes, offering fans a 3D animated, interactive Gorillaz ‘world’.

As Gorillaz only exist in the virtual, online world, the website has been at the heart of the album’s launch and promotion, as Lisa Gower, Digital Media Manager at Parlophone, explains.

Gower comments, "Gorillaz.com allows fans a peek into their world. The new content continues the site’s theme of playing and interaction, drawing fans further into Gorillaz world and adding to their experience. As Gorillaz obviously can’t do physical interviews, gigs and signings, the new content allows fans to get closer to the band, adding greater value to the relationship."

The new content works to build further on Gorillaz world, offering greater details and ‘realism’. For the first time, a new area on the site offers visitors the opportunity to look through a telescope and look outside Kong Studios at the surrounding area. A real time night and day function has also been introduced, meaning that the site is transformed from day to night, depending on visitors’ local time.

Fans will also be able to enter one of the band’s Winnebagos, where they can play three new games.

In Kong Studio’s kitchen, new features include an intercom that allows fans to buzz in various animations of the artists who collaborated with Gorillaz on the new album. These artists include Neneh Cherry, Sean Ryder, Ike Turner and De La Soul.

Fans can download the new album at Gorillaz’ Download Shop.

www.gorillaz.com won Yahoo! website of the year in 2002 and received over 450,000 unique visitors in April 2005. The site was designed by Jamie Hewlett and is maintained by his studio team at Zombie Flesh Eaters.
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