Tieuel Legacy Entertainment Creates Rare Platform For Independent Film makers of the Short Film.

From: Tieuel Legacy Entertainment
Published: Tue Jun 14 2005

According to the motion picture industry there are about 15,000 independent features in production at any moment. And only a fraction of these films will ever see the light of day. There is a shortage of opportunities for independent filmmakers to showcase their hard work. Houston is the fourth largest metropolitan city in the United States and is fast becoming a filming Mecca. Tieuel Legacy Entertainment understands that festivals, such as "Frame2Frame" ,will provide veterans and novice filmmakers an invaluable opportunity to get the exposure they need. The festival will also cater to film fans. The common theme for everyone is exposure. "Our goal is to draw topnotch production companies that will see the talent that we bring from across the nation," says CEO, Shawnre’ Tieuel. "We are establishing a relaxed setting which allows the public to mingle with filmmakers and entertainers of the future."

"Frame2Frame" is open to any and all filmmakers worldwide. Filmmakers must submit projects less than 80 minutes in length, they can be of any genre, and it’s free of charge.

The three- hour event is accompanied by a pre-screening reception where filmmakers and industry professionals can visit with each other to discuss aspects of the movie business. "I remember attending a major film festival in which participants paid a considerable price to attend but you had to make a decision to either watch the films or miss out on industry discussions," says Shawnre’ Tieuel. "A person shouldn’t have to choose." Filmmakers, whose projects are selected to participate, will be showcasing their work to a participating audience that will vote on winners who will advance to the finals, to be held in the fall. The audience will then review the finalists and select a final Festival winner.

The cost to attend the screening is $10.00.

Shawnre’ Tieuel is a writer, director and producer for Tieuel Legacy Entertainment. Tieuel Legacy Entertainment has completed the sitcom pilot I KRAM 2 Understand, a serial novel entitled GEMinis (Romance Squared) and the framework for his first suspense film, If You’re Scared. "The Breakfast Klub Dockumentary", a short film documentary on a local popular restaurant of the same name will be screened at the "Frame2Frame" premiere. Houston based Black and Single magazine (www.blackandsinglemag.com) is a sponsor of the event.

If you are interested in sponsorship, information on submission guidelines, or you would like to schedule an interview, please feel free to contact Tieuel Legacy Entertainment, Shawnre Tieuel at
281-451-4296 or email tieuellegacy@yahoo.com.
Company: Tieuel Legacy Entertainment
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