prepare as Reebok Easytone trainers are officially launched in the UK

Published: Thu Mar 18 2010

The marketing machine steps up a gear as Reebok EasyTone trainers arrive in the UK and are expecting a surge in sales when the advertisements hit the small screen.

The ReeTone advertising campaign, featuring primetime TV advertisements, is believed to be the largest ever orchestrated by a sports brand. Very soon the British public will be overwhelmed by TV adverts and poster ads featuring beautiful perfectly toned bronzed legs and bottoms which can be achieved with only a few weeks of wear. However it stands to reason that some may have to put in a few extra hours, especially those who are not blessed with a good baseline to work from.

As the lifestyle fitness craze sweeps the globe, Reebok have positioned their brand perfectly to capitalize on what could well be the largest ever market for fitness footwear. Lifestyle fitness has taken centre stage in the exercise arena recently, and whilst it may be a fad, it is hard to imagine that this method of losing popularity in the near future. Reebok are banking on this being a long term trend and that their trainers will be the first choice for customers seeking a little more from their workouts.

The extra toning benefits are clear and widely accepted in the USA where the campaign has been running for some weeks. Positive ratings are flooding the internet and YouTube from customers who have already started exercising with the trainers and are clearly feeling the additional burn after a session.

Whilst the technology may be advanced, the principles of the shoes are simplistic; creating more work in every step. The trainers increase muscle usage throughout the whole of the lower body by utilising instability pods in the soles of the shoes. During the process of walking, the pressure exerted on the soles of the shoes cause the air in the pods to shift. By destabilising the body, the leg muscles, and in particular the gluteus maximus has to work harder to maintain balance. Since the instabilities are small, the trainers can be used normally without becoming uncomfortable, or requiring a change in the stride. However over the course of a workout the increased muscle activity adds up to a 28% boost to the bottom, and an 11% increase to the thighs and calves.

However as the Reebok website advises, Reebok EasyTone trainers should only be used during a walking or running exercise program, and the use of the trainers in sport is not recommended. The creation of areas of instability certainly increase muscle tone, however it is unwise to create instability in sport where the strains and pressures placed on the feet and shoes are greater.

As such the Reebok EasyTone is not a universal sports trainer, but a supplement to a normal routine or jogging program to give an extra boost to the legs. With the nation starting to shape up for summer, any woman who has left an exercise program a little late, or has experienced a lapse after a New Year’s resolution should be able to catch up. is expecting Reebok EasyTone shoes to be a runaway success this year, with the British public jumping on the opportunity to have a better workout in the same timeframe. Last year’s fitness footwear successes demonstrate a captive market, with the potential for extraordinary sales. As previous brands have cashed in on the trend, none have committed such a high marketing spend. As Reebok proceed with their television adverts, due to start on 27th March in the UK, leading fitness footwear suppliers are preparing for spring madness and a potential rush of sales as the nation becomes aware of the benefits from the new trainers.

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