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From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Tue Jun 14 2005

One cannot but notice that there is an influx in religious inspired television shows. Many of the prominent television networks have a show that either depicts religion in the forefront or an aspect of religion. Some of the top religious inspired shows that one can find on network television include Joan of Arcadia, 24, and Revelations. The domination of religion in prime time TV has caused some artists to take a look at religion. Philadelphia producer Andrew Hanna’s began creating production that does so. Hanna’s Erotica takes a look at religion and human sexuality from a modern and historic perspective.

"I thought it would be fun to explore two of society’s common topics," says Hanna a producer at At Hand Productions. "I found that two subjects have crossed paths through western history. So much so, that the various western religions have legislated regulations against sex and relationships. Unfortunately, these regulations have caused more problems for the layman than any other person throughout history."

Hanna went on to comment about the major networks use of religion in prime time television, "I’ve noticed that there are shows like Joan of Arcadia, 24, Revelations, and even Hollywood has produced a few movies that include religion. Most notably Mel Gibson’s Passion and Constantine. These television shows and movies, if anything, represent the changing mind set that is going on in America. Hopefully it will not become to extreme."

Hanna has produced other works such as Prophecies of War and has other productions that will be performing soon. These other productions include My Journal and Values. Hanna began developing large theatrical productions back when he was a student at a Philadelphia conservatory. Since leaving the conservatory, Hanna has continually added a production to his repertoire every six months. Along with creating large theatrical productions, Hanna also writes music for small classical and jazz ensembles. Hanna’s Traum, composed for two flutes and piano, recently debuted in the fall.

Although sex has been portrayed on stage and in the visual arts and is alluded to on television, the combination of sex and religion on stage might cause some eyebrows to be raised. But "I don’t think it will cause any riots. Erotica takes an objective few of sex and religion through the use of religious doctrine and history. So no one should get too upset about it, since it is based on these documents," says Hanna. Hanna’s other productions are based on current topics that affect society as a whole. In his Prophecies of War, it explores the nature of modern warfare.

In the end, whether Hanna’s Erotica causes the American Family Association to jump for joy or to turn its nose up at it, that remains to be seen. But when Erotica is completed in the upcoming months the result will determine how people will think of the production. Interested persons are encourage to go to At Hand Productions’ official website ( to learn more about the company and the productions it produces.
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