A new social networking site offers community-driven clothing and apparel. The company plans to use a PR consultant to write and send press releases about the new venture.

[ClickPress, Thu Oct 26 2006] Garrett Eastham, founder and CEO of http://www.GK33.com, has announced the appointment of PR consultant David M. Bresnahan of ThatPRGuy.com.

Bresnahan will write and send press releases to help promote the community-driven clothing and apparel social networking site.

“GK33 strives to be the premier source of community-driven clothing and apparel. We provide a network of enthusiastic users, designers, and models that collectively participate in a community-driven creation process. Our aim is to create clothing that expresses the ideas people are passionate about rather than those of some stranger,” explained Eastham.

This social networking site focuses on a slightly “nerdy,” Internet saavy, and fun-loving demographic, according to Eastham.

“Our members love a good laugh, and they hate being told what to think by marketers. Our goal, therefore, is to provide the GK33 clothing brand that the community can create and develop as a whole. Whether that is through talking about cool clothing ideas, designing them, modeling them, or just wearing them loud and proud, GK33 wants to make clothing that people care about because it cares about them,” he said.

Bresnahan owns http://www.ThatPRGuy.com where he offers personalized services to write and send press releases and provides other public relations services. ThatPRGuy specializes in creating Internet publicity that brings added traffic to web sites and increases web site ranking and placement in search engines.

About GK33.com
The GK33.com web site is the creation of Garrett Eastham and his team at GK33 Productions. It is a social networking site with a line of clothing designed and developed by its members, set upon revolutionizing the industry with true community-driven clothing and apparel.

Press Contact:
Garrett Eastham

Company: ThatPRGuy.com
Contact Name: David M. Bresnahan
Contact Email: david@thatprguy.com
Contact Phone: 603-522-0148

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