eAegis Sets Thecus N5500 Price at $699 for Holiday Season

From: eAegis, Inc
Published: Tue Mar 23 2010

The Thecus N5500 is loaded with features that can only be described as excellent. The feature set will appeal to both business and home users alike, features that allow iSCSI functionality for IP SAN deployment, unique DUAL-DOM design that allows continuity and thereby eradicating downtime, another first is the implementation of a USB target that allows the system to be used as a DAS device instead by merely attaching it directly to a USB port on a PC or MAC, and the availability of selecting multiple file systems, and support for numerous Multimedia standards makes the Thecus N5500 one of the most adaptive Network Attached Storage devices currently available in its class.

"We are committed to provide our customers with quality products that contain a higher than normal value for money element and thereby assuring our customers get a rapid return on investment." said John Banks, NAS Product Manager, eAegis, Inc. "The Thecus N5500 is designed with flexibility and ease of use for organizing and protecting critical data whilst keeping a keen eye on the bottom line and deliver high-end features at dramatically lower costs."

Availability and Pricing
The Thecus N5500 diskless is priced at $699; and is only available while stocks last. All prices are for U.S. only, and exclude any shipping, handling or tax if applicable.

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