Six Billion Dead by the End of the First Page

From: Infected Books
Published: Wed Jun 15 2005

Birmingham, UK June 15 2005 - Infected Books announces the release of ‘The Human Condition’ the final book in David Moody’s ‘Autumn’ series – a series of cult horror novels which have, by word of mouth alone, already attracted hundreds of thousands of readers.

Drawing comparisons with genre classics such as George Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and its sequels and Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ the ‘Autumn’ books tell the story of a world torn apart by a disease of unimaginable ferocity.

Appropriately enough for a book about an epidemic, the ‘Autumn’ series has worked its way across the Internet like a virus. With the first novel now available as a free download, Moody is encouraging readers to ‘spread the infection’ by downloading the book and thousands are taking up this offer every month. With four volumes now available and a screenplay in development, there’s no sign yet of a cure being found for this particular plague.

Intelligent, character-driven and uncomfortably plausible, this underground success is making rapid inroads into the mainstream.

To read the first book and to learn more about David Moody and his other novels, visit and the official ‘Autumn’ website ‘Autumn: The Human Condition’ (ISBN 0-9550051-3-2) is available now from Infected Books.

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