Law Enforcement Associates Announces Filing of Patent Application for World's First Infrared Battlef

From: Law Enforcement Associates
Published: Wed Jun 15 2005

YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. - June 15, 2005 - Law Enforcement Associates Corporation (OTCBB: LENF), a surveillance and security technology company, today announced that it has filed a patent application for the world's first infrared battlefield surveillance shells. The infrared surveillance shells will allow the military to observe enemy troop and equipment movements at night on otherwise unlighted battlefields and areas of operations. The infrared shells can be used by Special Forces and other troops to pin point military targets for aerial assaults without remaining to train lasers on the targets. The infrared surveillance shells allow troops, police and attack helicopters with infrared viewing equipment (nightvison) to view locations of enemy personnel, weapons, vehicles, unlighted buildings and surrounding areas. The shell illumination is undetectable to enemy troops and/or hostage takers without night vision or other special infrared viewing equipment. A typical application for law enforcement would be in the event of a hostage situation, infrared shells could be shot into a house through window openings, thus allowing law enforcement personnel with night vision to be able to see what is happening inside a darkened house without the hostage taker being made aware that he/she has been illuminated.

Law Enforcement Associates Corporation has also filed patents on a radio surveillance shell that can be used clandestinely to listen in on possible hostage situations.

Commenting, Paul Feldman, President of Law Enforcement Associates and the primary inventor of the shells, stated "I am proud of Law Enforcement Associates Corporation's engineering team for this ground breaking achievement". Law Enforcement Associates Corporation has already manufactured the illumination and radio circuits. These proprietary shells will see wide application in urban policing and warfare.

During hostage situations and military assaults, the infrared illuminating shells will allow troops and officers to enter unlighted buildings using nightvision having an advantage over the enemy and/or hostage takers who will operating in the dark. Law Enforcement Associates Corporation is proud to add another high margin proprietary product to its already extensive line of police and military equipment."

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