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From: Full Power Living
Published: Sat Mar 27 2010

"One of the greatest gifts we can have is to be welcomed into people’s lives," says Catherine VanWetter. Without them even realizing it, most people suffer, daily, due to psychological and heart wounds suffered long ago. Until those wounds are healed, and their learning completed, people continue to suffer the same difficulties over and over. Methods and processes for helping people to heal past wounds and move on into productive, successful and joyful lives are coming foreground. One such process, as offered by Holistic Family Healing Practitioner Catherine VanWetter, is explored when she appears on Full Power Living on April 1.

Catherine VanWetter, M.S.W., (www.totheheartofthematter.com) is a Holistic Family Healing Practitioner trained in a variety of healing techniques that help people come to a place of peace within themselves. Her approach is beyond talk, and straight to the heart. Whether a person’s challenges include childhood trauma, substance abuse, financial concerns, family troubles, depression/anger, or other obstacles to peace, as a trained and certified professional, Catherine VanWetter assists them in accomplishing tremendous growth within a short period of time. Van Wetter offers personal achievement tools for reaching your purpose.

Full Power Living, created and hosted by Ilene Dillon, M.S.W. and aired since 2004, is the only show on international media dedicated to "awakening the world to the power and importance of human emotions." Past guests include Drs. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Bruce Lipton, Harville Hendrix and Candace Pert, Best-selling author Brian Tracy, funnyman Bruce Cameron and Sports Illustrated's Austin Murphy.

Listen to Internet radio's Full Power Living (www.emotionalpro.com), at 9 a.m. PST Thursday, April 22, 2010 to discover how to Overcome Family Adversity in these very challenging times. Catherine VanWetter, M.S.W. (www.totheheartofthematter.com) Janice Taylor appears with show host Ilene Dillon, MSW. Call in to ask your questions and concerns, toll-free (800-630-7858) or chat on the site, during the live broadcast.

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