Highly Durable Mini Signal Level Meter

From: GAO Comm
Published: Sat Mar 27 2010

GAO Comm (www.GAOComm.com) has released its latest mini signal level meter designed for the installation, maintenance and testing of CATV systems. This meter supports Level, V/A, Tilt and Trunk Level testing and can test two channels simultaneously. It also provides fast and accurate measurement of CATV signals. The compact, light weight meter features a customized channel plan. This mini signal level meter, model DS1001, operates in a frequency range of 46MHz to 864MHz and is shock resistant. The level measurement range is 30dBuV to 120dBuV at an accuracy of ¡À2 dB. It works continuously for more than six hours on a single charge the signal level meter is convenient to use outdoors. Durability testing demonstrated that the meter continued to work even after being dropped to a concrete floor from a height of 5m.
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