ASTI Launches KRON4 TV Advertising Campaign For Ecotones Duet Sleep Sound Machine

From: Adaptive Sound Technologies
Published: Mon Mar 29 2010

Adaptive Sound Technologies (ASTI), the maker of the Ecotones Duet adaptive sleep sound machine announced today its new campaign to educate the public about sleep issues and the use of its sleep sound machines to help address problems such as insomnia. A total of four advertising segments will be shown on KRON4 TV in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose market 360 times over the next six months. Over 1 million adults will see this information more than six million times.

Sam Nicolino, the inventor of the Ecotones line of adaptive sound machines, was quoted as saying "Duet users have been raving about how soothing it is and how well it masks disruptive noises. Duet reviewers are delighted with the best sleep they have achieved in a long time. ASTI’s success in aiding sleep needs to be shared with the general public, given the impact of sleep problems in our society today. We believe that advertising on KRON4 is an effective way of educating this large audience."

Lori Gravino, KRON4 TV Sales Manager, said "I am enthusiastic about the Ecotones Duet helping so many folks sleep, and the role KRON4 is playing in helping small businesses in the Silicon Valley. We provided a complete advertising campaign, starting with the ASTI personnel interviews through production of a 30 second advertisement and three two-minute news-format segments. We allow ASTI to focus on their sleep sound machine business while we are focused on getting the message out."

The partnership of ASTI and KRON4 brings experts in the consumer technology and broadcast fields together to inform the public about sleep problems and an affordable high tech, non-drug, consumer sleep solution.
Company: Adaptive Sound Technologies
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