New Site Unveils The Mysteries of Speed Reading To Help Anyone Become A Faster Reader

From: Success Track Communications
Published: Mon Mar 29 2010

TORONTO- based Success Track Communications is launching its new Speed Reading training web site that promises to teach others the secrets of reading faster. Designed for anyone with basic reading skills, it solves the frustrations of not being able to keep up with the onslaught of reading materials for studying, business, or special interests.

Instead, this site offers helpful advice, specific techniques and step-by-step methods to increase reading and comprehension rates easily.

Douglas Robert, Owner of says "this free information site will unlock the mysteries of speed reading, so anyone who is serious about it, can learn to double or triple their reading rates with just a few of the ideas shared here."

This new site was established as a simple resource to primarily help students, adults and business readers improve their reading capabilities. Efficient reading means higher productivity, happier readers, and ultimately, a more literate planet.

"Reading faster is simply a matter of overcoming barriers and bad habits. When you realize what's been holding you back and you replace old habits with new, empowering ones, you begin to get a glimpse of the human potential to process words on the page at much faster speeds than usual" states Robert. will not only help anyone read faster, but also help you;

-- improve comprehension rates
-- beat the biggest obstacle of all: regression
-- get what you need out of any book
-- gain expert-level knowledge in less time
-- broaden your horizons by learning about new things

Anyone interested in improving their reading skills can visit

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Douglas Robert of Success Track Communications is available for comment and interview by email at: or by phone. Please make first contact via email. offers dozens of speed reading insights, articles and tutorials designed to help visitors learn to read faster.
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