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Published: Sat Apr 03 2010

Applications developer Elite Platinum has launched its first iPhone app. Budget-Planner is now available for download through the iPhone App Store and iTunes. Budget-Planner handles multiple personal (and even business) budgets, showing at a glance the estimated balance for every day in the month. To celebrate the launch, Elite Platinum is offering Budget-Planner for free for anyone who leaves feedback or ratings for Budget-Planner.

Budget-Planner breaks personal and business budgets down into very simple daily transactions. Users can schedule recurring transactions like utility and rent payments, credit card payments, investments, and income. Budget-Planner automatically calculates how much money is available each day based on those expected transactions. As soon as a particular day goes over budget, the numbers go red, so people can see where they stand with one look at their iPhone.

"Most other budget programs only show what money you have left at the end of the month," explained Elite Platinum marketing director Alex Sabonge. "That’s not how it works in real life. You have to know how much money you have on any given day so that you can be more effective in planning your budget and spending your money."

Budget-Planner also generates spreadsheets and summaries that breakdown expenses, income, and balances, plus full-color charts that illustrate how much of the budget pie each expense takes.

And it does all of this as a simple iPhone app that costs less than $3 to download.

"People need to know their budget when they’re actually out and doing things, not just sitting at their desk balancing their checkbook," Sabonge said. "People can just take out their iPhone and do a quick check on where they are in their budget before they buy something. It’s a much more realistic – and useful – tool for managing your money."

Budget-Planner is available for download through the iPhone App Store and through iTunes. For more information on Budget-Planner, including download links and at-a-glance tutorials, go to

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